A Genuine Teddy Roosevelt bear ca 1903.
The Original Teddy Bear . CA. 1903 . Hand made by Morris and Rose Michtom of Brooklyn, N.Y.
After ten years of research, looking for my bears face on this computer. Without any luck. I began to look for other bears, twenty four inches tall with similar body styles. After a year, I realized my bear compares close to the famous Smithsonian bear. Not the face. With more research on Morris Michtom. And realizing my bear was very old. With features like, very stiff body parts, fully jointed, golden mohair, flat feet, champagne colored satin paws and pads. And the fact my old bears stands up on his two feet. He is very old. His legs are the drumstick look as early Moris Michtom bears are. Why he was handmade by the same maker as the famous Smithsonian bear. But my bear is older. One with a good eye. Can see the very close style of the two bears body parts. Except the face. As my research continued. I found other items that manufactures created to document America's first teddy bear. Such as plates, postcards, toy drums. jewelry etc. Please see Google Plus by Robert Csech to read more and to see some amazing photos.

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