Historum Quarterly Journal #15

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Historum Quarterly Journal / Volume 4 / Number 3 / 2015 / 161 Pages
Table of Contents
  • The Merry Monarch and His Queen
    • King Charles II’s court was, and is, infamous for its population; drunkards like John Wilmot, actresses like Nell Gwynne, and seductresses like Barbara Villiers.
  • Shrikant Talageri and his dubious Theory!
    • While “Aryan Invasion Theory” (AIT) is being widely disputed, Mr. Shrikant G. Talageri has proposed “Out of India Theory” to add to the further dispute. Though Talageri, often is dubbed as Hindu nationalist scholar, have heavily been criticized for that, still we need to look into his theory and discuss how he, like other AIT/OIT theorists, is going wrong unnecessarily compli- cating the simple issues.
    • Battle of Ten Kings!
  • Chelidonis and Arachidamia: Warrior Princesses
  • Historical Narratives in the Mahabharata
    • The Mahabharata is one the longest examples of literature known to Man.
  • Notes on Fixation
  • Representing the Famine: The Lacunae of Revisionism
  • Book Recommendation: Two Princes Against The Throne
    • Patronage and Community in Medieval by Andrew Chittick
  • A Quick Thought on the Alleged Roman Capture of Persian Concubines in the 3rd Century
    • The rise of the Sassanid Persian dynasty in Iran during the early 3rd century CE proved to be one of the reasons behind the Roman Crisis of the Third Century, because unlike their Parthian Arsacid predecessors, the Persians adopted a much more aggressive attitude toward Rome, invading Roman territories, capturing forts and cities, and ravaging their way across the Roman East on several occasions.
  • The Norse, Draugr
    • In the land of the Norse, few thing existed that could send a shiver up the spine of these hardy people. One such thing however, was the dreaded, Draugr.
  • Chronology of the Claude Neal Lynching
  • Legacy of Augustus, Constantine I, and Diocletian upon the Roman world
  • The Pinochet Regime
    • The Context of the 1973 Coup
    • The Coup
    • The Beginning of the Military Dictatorship
    • The 1980 Constitution
    • The Opposition to Pinochet's Regime
    • The Last Years of the Regime
  • Tracking the Cat: The Biography of a Nazca Water Pot with Feline Motif
  • Historical Evolution of British Parliament, overview and thoughts
  • Lee Harvey Oswald's Address Book
    • Full Color Photography
  • Obituaries as History, Kate Smith, All-American singer, 79
Total Pages: 161
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