Historum Quarterly Journal #2

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Historum Quarterly Journal / Volume 1 / Number 2 / 2012 / 173 Pages
Table of Contents
  • Saxon Ivory Carving
  • The Murder (William Edward Sing aka Billy Sing)
  • Shifting Lexicons: The Hidden March of History
  • Editorial Cartoon
  • The Battle of Golden Spurs
  • Exploring the History of Theater (Greek Drama, Greek Theater, Greek Plays)
  • Perseus, Slayer of the Gorgon, Conqueror of the Ketus, Founder of Mykenai
  • On or Off the wagon: The choices are driving me to drink!
  • Marcus Vipsanius Agrippa, Part One
  • Gen. Ambrose Burnside
  • Leg's Diamond - The Clay Pigeon (Jack Moran / Gentleman Jack / Jack "Legs" Diamond)
  • Mini Book Reviews
  • Obituaries as History: Langston Hughes, 65, Writer
  • Russia Art Nouveau: Sergei Sergeivich Solomko (1867-1928)
  • The Aroma of New Books and Coffee
    • All-Black Rangers by Edward L. Posey
  • The Battle of Ravenna
    • Fought between France and the Holy League; one of the most important and bloodiest clashes of the Italian Wars (1494-1559)
  • The 1916 Battle of Verdun
  • The Battle of Zama
    • 202 BC, Last Battle of the Second Punic War
  • Russia in the Post-Napoleonic World, Part 1
  • The Troubled Empire of Marcus Aurelius
    • Marcus Aurelius Antoninus, a Gaul by birth, a Roman patrician by upbringing, ruled as Caesar Augustus 161-180 CE
  • Seneca Denounces Book Collectors and even the Library of Alexandria, circa 49 CE
  • The Berlin State Library is the Largest and Most Important Academic Research Library in the German Speaking World
  • Scholar of Emptiness: The Manjusri Mural From Guangsheng Monastery
  • Fish and Chips
  • William Cullen, the first great American poet
  • The Aroma of Old Books and Coffee
    • The Pursuit of Laziness by Pierre Saint-Amand
  • John of Gaunt and the Lollards
  • "The Battle of Manila Bay" Spanish American War
  • Son House, King of the Delta Blues (Eddie James "Son" House, Jr.)
  • Men of Knoydart
  • Latin America: How the Phrase Originated
  • Maximilien Marie Isidore De Robespierre
  • Heroes and Villains 5
  • Dulce et Decorum Est
  • The Accomplished Art of Driving Wedges
  • The Fetterman Fight
  • A Brief Study on a Jewish Survivor of the 1099 Siege of Jerusalem
  • Fly Cher Ami Fly! (Cher Ami, an American Hero, the Pigeon Who Saved the Lost Battalion)
  • Pagan Beliefs on the Threshold of a New Era
  • A Comparison of William Shakespeare's Sonnets by Arete
  • Small Wars Between Atheists and Theists
  • "Stern In Battle" A Short Account of Ancient Irish Warfare
Total Pages: 173

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