Historum Quarterly Journal #4

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Historum Quarterly Journal / Volume 1 / Number 4 / 2012 / 134 Pages
Table of Contents
  • Know your Mesoamerican gods... Kukalkan, "Plumed Serpent", "Feathered Serpent"
  • Ambrose Powell Hill, General of the Army of Northern Virginia
  • The Great Bengal Famine, Colonial Rapine and the East India Company
  • Know your Mesoamerican gods...Yum Kaax "Lord of the Forest"
  • Two Minute Biography: José Hernández, Argentine journalist, poet, and politician best known as author of the epic poem Martín Fierro
  • What is a Gaucho?
  • Know your Mesoamerican gods... Macuilxochitl
  • From Propaganda to Reflection, How Japanese Cinema Has Dealt with World War II
  • Know your Mesoamerican gods... Quetzalcoatl, Aztek sky and creater god
  • The Spanish Guitar, A Very Brief History
  • A Timeline of Tang-Yamato Relations
  • Know your Mesoamerican gods... Cinteotl, Aztec maize god "Lord of the Day"
  • The Number of Planes in the French Air Force during the Battle of France
  • Know your Mesoamerican gods... Huitzilopochtli, Aztec sun god and the god of war
  • Book Review, The Gates of Power: Monks, Courtiers, and Warriors in Premodern Japan by Mikael Adolphson
  • Why We Celebrate A Defeat
  • Book Review, War and State Building in Medieval Japan
  • Know your Mesoamerican gods... Chaac, Maya god of rain
  • Pushing the Boundaries, Dr Robert Knox of Edinburgh
  • Red River War, Sherman and the Kiowa Chiefs
  • Know your Mesoamerican gods... Chantico, "she who dwells in the house", Aztec goddess of fires in the family hearth and volcanoes
  • Alfonnso Felici: Life of a Soldier
  • Threats Facing British Battlefields
  • Know your Mesoamerican gods... Coyolxauhqui "Face painted with Bells"
  • Imagawa Yoshimoto, Blackened Teeth, Black and Blue Reputation?
  • The Principles of 1898 (Articles of Confederation and Perpetual Union between the States)
  • Know your Mesoamerican gods... Cihuacoatl, Quilaztli
  • Frank McErlane and the 'Chicago Piano'
  • From Splayed Hands to Clenched Fist, a Brief Outline of Tang-Dongnu guo Relations
  • Leviathan
  • Origins, Development, and Demise of the Cossacks
  • "Lash of the Slave Driver" Dublin and the 1913 Lockout
  • Historum Oddities
  • Enemy of the Mankind, the Life of Caracalla
  • Obituaries as History, President William McKinley, 25th President of the United States
Total Pages: 134

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