Historum Quarterly Journal #7

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Historum Quarterly Journal / Volume 2 / Number 3 / 2013 / 142 Pages
Table of Contents
  • What is Zen?
  • How did Russian composer, Dmitri Shostakovich, dissent through his music?
  • The Appin Murder (the murder of Colin Ruadh Campbell of Glenure in 1752)
  • Trajes Indigena de Guatemala, the native dress of Guatemala
  • Book Review: The Zen Teaching of Bodhidharma
  • The Politics of a Minority or Losing Religion
  • When Heroes Meet: Sun Wukong and Yue Fei, In Fiction, Martial Lore, and Holy Texts
  • The History of Silesia, in the historical process of development of Polish culture and language
  • Evolution in Man of Steel (Superman)
  • Zen Biography: Thich Nhat Han
  • Book Review: Zen in the Art of Writing by Ray Bradbury
  • A Man of Culture
  • Book Review: This Is It and Other Essays on Zen and Spiritual Experience by Alan Watts
  • The Battle of Flodden, 1513
  • Book Review: Zen and the Birds of Appetite by Thomas Merton
  • Life under Communism, Part 2
  • Book Review: Questions to a Zen Master by Taisen Deshimaru
  • The Norman Conquest and Scotland
  • History of Madness, Part One
    • Many of the questions raised are both a philosophical and practical nature for millions around the world who are given a "diagnosis" of an extreme mental illness "psychosis" for bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, or schizo-effective disorder
  • Tales of the Fall of Communism
  • Shah Jahan's Central Asian Campaign, 1645-1647
  • The Impact of Baron Von Steuben in the Continental Army
  • In what capacities did Hitler's person serve as a symbol to the German people between 1933 and 1947, and to what extend did this succeed?
  • The Kitos War
  • Blame It on MacArthur...
  • A Brief Photo History of George Orwell
  • Obituaries as History, James McNeil Whistler, American artist, 69
Total Pages: 142

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