Historum Quarterly Journal #9

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Historum Quarterly Journal / Volume 3 / Number 1 / 2014 / 98 Pages
Table of Contents
  • The Life of Galba
  • The Concentration Camp System: In Depth
  • Was Freud a Fraud?
  • Secrets of the Samurai: The Birth of an Obsession
  • The View from the 3rd Rock from the Sun
  • Could Alexander have had offspring in India?
  • Identity and Equality, How Marginalization Led the Asian American Association to Social Outreach and Activism
  • The Mongol Invasions of Japan
  • Bohemond of Taranto, as he was known in 1095, was a Norman prince hailing from Taranto
  • Book Review: River Wide, Ocean Deep by Fred Leander
  • The Frontier Thesis and the American History
    • Frederick Jackson Turner's Frontier Thesis presented at the American Historical Association in 1893
    • Introduction
    • Turner and Roosevelt
    • The Critics
    • America's Frontier Heritage by Ray Allen Billington
    • Myth and Symbol School
    • Revisionism and Beyond
  • Dangerfield Newby, a Martyr for Freedom
  • The Kakatiyas of Telangana
    • Part 1: Early Chiefs, 956-1116
    • Part 2: Emergence of the Sovereign State, 1116-1199
    • Part 3: Ganapatideva and Rudramadevi, 1199-1289
  • Book Review: Richard, the Man Behind the Myth by Andrea Willers
  • Pre Battle Speeches: Truth or Fiction?
  • John Gibbon, Loyal and Able Soldier
  • Causes of the First Punic War
  • German Heavy Cruiser Blücher
  • Obituaries as History, W. B. Yeats, famous Irish poet, 73
    • The Collected Works of William Butler Yeats
Total Pages: 98

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