1. Futurist

    What would Latvia and Estonia look like after 100 years of German rule?

    Had Germany won WWI (by keeping the US neutral and making concessions in the West so that it could keep its territorial gains in the East), and had Germany been able to hold on to Latvia and Estonia for the next 100 years, what would these territories have looked like right now? Would they have...
  2. E

    Next 100 years of the World Cup

    So I'm really interested in the World Cup right now so I'm curious about people's world cup predictions for the next century and what teams will succeed. Among teams that haven't won, I think the following will win. 1)USA 2)Mexico 3)Columbia 4)Poland 5)Belguim(this year) I think Africa will do...
  3. R

    US 100,000 t displacement ships in 1936

    As part of the New Deakl to end depression, FDR persuades Congress to pass a bill for construction of 12 huge drydocks (6 in the Pacific, 2 in the Gulf and 4 in the east coast) and 24 huge, 100,000 t ships. 5 will be for bulk materials; grain, ores, coal, cement, etc, 5 will be tankers. 5 will...
  4. R

    twenty 100,000 t displacement for the new deal.

    In 1936, Roosevelt is building dams, roads, trails, etc, to generate jobs. He persuades Congress to pass construction of 12 drydocks and 24 unprecentedly large ships called megas. 5 will be CVE (unarmored, so they will be huge (6 times tha deck area of Yorktown), they will have 600 x 30 mm AA...
  5. F

    2018: How many countries 100 or 70 years?

    A lot of countries were created or recreated at the end of the " Great" war( some european, like Poland or Estonia). Again in 1948 a wave of former colonial possesions became independent(like India or Israel). So will there be some marking? Now those countries are older than the vast majority...
  6. SirOrmondeWinter

    100 years ago today General Allenby gave Britain one hell of an early X-mas present

    Jerusalem, the faithful city, achieving what so many before him had failed to do for centuries (of course unlike his predecessors he had tanks which obviously helped). Unlike the Kaiser who'd had the ancient walls altered so he could ride through the city Allenby dismounted and walked through...
  7. J

    Good studies of last 100 years of Roman Republic?

    I just listened to Mike Duncan's The Storm Before the Storm; pretty good. Can anyone suggest additional scholarly studies of this period, the last 100 years of the Roman Republic?
  8. ktisis

    The 100 year anniversary of the Great October Revolution

    The revolution in real time: https://project1917.com/october I'd offer you to leave here your opinion about this revolution: what it was for the World history and what it could be without the Civil war in Russia after it and without the Entente's pressure? What do you think about reasons of the...
  9. T

    PC/WI: The UK with a population of 200 million?

    What events (clearly some will require a pre 1900 post) would need to happen for the UK to end up with a population of 200 million by 1980 (nearly 4 times larger than IOTL)? You can include the land mass of Ireland to make it so. It must be from natural increase, ie no immigration from outside...
  10. F

    Going tall in 100 BC

    If you would be the ruler of a country of the size of greece in 100BC and you would not be alowed to conquer how would you develop your country with the current technology to make it as strong as possible.
  11. HistoryFreak1912

    Was it ever possible to have a 100,000-man army in a war?

    Whenever I watch historical documentaries about ancient warlords, on occasion it would say that such-and-such led an army of 100,000 men to whatever they were going to conquer. Yet I thought such an army would be impossible to control and maneuver. Now, it would make sense if the commander had...
  12. F

    Looking back (from 2017) 100 years

    Of course there was a lot of events i 1917,many related to the ongoing "great" war, but two in particular had long-lasting consequences. The Russian (double) revolution and USA entering the war, one starting point for its "leadership" or "domination". How has historians view of those events...
  13. Z

    how did french cavalry fare throughout history?

    i wonder most about their knights and lancers
  14. nat47

    Biggest media hoaxes from 100 years ago?

    Yesterday I was reading about the history of the press/media. I read that in the pre-Civil War era the media was essentially so driven by lies and gossip that one morning when news hit that the Civil War had begun many people just dismissed the newsboys because of it. Apparently that issue of...
  15. W

    The 100 Greatest War Movies (Statistically)

    This is my attempt at a statistical analysis of the greatest war movies. Here is the methodology. I found four 100 Greatest War Movies lists that I feel are knowledgeable on the subject. Two of those lists (Military History magazine and Channel 4) rank the movies. The others are Film Site...
  16. D

    Top 100 Muslim Generals of All Time

    I made this list of the 100 best Muslim generals of all time in my opinion, based on: -tactical prowess -strategic ability -leadership in the battlefield -impact on history (I'm NOT a Muslim myself) Top 100 Muslim Generals of All Time 1. Khalid ibn al-Walid 2. Timur 3. Selim I 4. Nadir Shah...
  17. D

    The 100 Best English & British History Books

    Hello, I've created the following reading list for myself and I was hoping that Historum users would offer suggestions to improve it. Thanks, Dave. The 100 Best English and British History Books - Listmuse.com
  18. D

    The 100 Best Middle East History & Politics Books

    Hello, I've created the following reading list for myself and I was hoping that Historum users could offer suggestions to improve it. Thanks, Dave http://www.listmuse.com/best-middle-east-history-books.php
  19. AlpinLuke

    England won 100 years war

    This is a doubt I had time ago. Imagine that the English power was able to defeat the young "France", conquering Paris and forcing the French nation to castle in the South. Which would have been the evolution of continental Europe with a wide English feud in Northern France? May be with Paris...
  20. Efendi

    Explosion in Ankara more than 100 death of civilian

    Ankara explosions leave almost 100 dead - officials - BBC News There is no one to blame, and no one knows who is responsible... Everyone blame each others in Turkey, which makes the situation more insane.