1. L

    Was the War of 1812 really a "Second War of Indpendence?"

    Was the War of 1812 really about the United States resisting an attempt by the British to reconquer it? In all of my studies of the War of 1812, I have never seen such a thing to be true. In fact, one might call it an outright lie. So far, I know of three main things over which the War of 1812...
  2. O

    Napoleononic War questions

    Suppose the French army had the best clothing available in 2018 for winter weather and AR-15's but only 100,000 men how much difference would it make in the 1812 invasion of Russia? When was Napoleon's last opportunity to pass up the Peninsular War? Napoleon was offered a sweet deal not to...
  3. E

    How important was the War of 1812 for America?

    This is a little survey monkey survey that I'm trying to do for a class. How important was the War of 1812 for America in terms of moving a young United States further into the world scene as a potentially major player along with other countries like France, Britain, etc...
  4. Lucius

    Canada won the War of 1812

    Canada won the War of 1812 Canada won the War of 1812, U.S. historian admits | National Post
  5. Maki

    New England secessionism during the war of 1812

    I was reading some books* about the war of 1812 and ran into the topic of possible secession of New England and a separete peace with the UK due to its opposition to the war, especially among the Federalists. I also read that some claimed that the Hartford Convention was secretly a meeting to...
  6. S

    US really won the war of 1812

    History books generally say the war had no winners. The Brits took Washington (which wasn't really defended), but failed to take Baltimore, which was the real objective. I say the winner of the last battle is the winner of the war. The US won the Battle of New Orleans. It was fought after a...
  7. Devdas

    Why did Portuguese abandon Inquisition in Goa in 1812

    Why did Portuguese abandon Inquisition in Goa in 1812 after 3 centuries of persecution of Hindus.

    Naval build up upon the Great Lakes for the War of 1812

    I did a search and found two threads specifically concerning this but it wasn't quite what I was looking for (or maybe I just missed it). Can anyone point me towards some good resources concerning how many ships were built (and where) along the shores of the Great Lakes in the run up to the...
  9. K

    How much impact did the War of 1812 have on European countries?

    Of course excluding Great Britain and Spain.
  10. Balian

    In what way were the war of 1812 a second war of independence ?

    In what way were the war of 1812 a second war of independence ?
  11. B

    Henry Clay letter for war in 1812

    Thought this was interesting. He discusses grievances against Britain. He does not mention Canada, which does not mean that was not a or the motive. He discusses at length objections that the US was not prepared for war, Britain had a 300,000 men army, possibility of invasions of the US and...
  12. S

    Napoleon scores a decisive victory in Russia: what happens next?

    In this timeline there is obviously no disastrous retreat and the Grande Armee remains in tact. I'm interested in what happens next, will the UK keep fighting if Russia is forced to sign another peace treaty with Napoleon? Let's assume the Russian campaign was planned out differently, meaning...
  13. B

    The War of 1812 and Spanish territory

    Early in the War of 1812, Congress declared West Florida (southern Alabama and Mississippi and the US built a fort at Mobile. Their was a battle of Pensacola, where Jackson took a fort there from mostly Spanish defenders with some British and Creek. Britain and Spain were allied against...
  14. England Expects

    War of 1812: The over exaggerated attack on Baltimore?

    Let me add some context and set the scene. By late 1814, the War of 1812 had essentially been lost by the US. The Battle of Lundy's Lane signaled the final failed American invasion of Canada following the string failed attacks since mid 1812, the US economy was in tatters from the Royal Navy's...
  15. B

    Canadian War of 1812 quarters

    There are 5 of them, HMS Shannon, Brock, Tecumseh, Laura Secord, and Charles-Michel de Salaberry. I hadn't heard of the woman or French Canadian guy. Guess the idea was to represent all ethic groups and genders. Seems kind of cool. Thought they only had pictures of the queen on their coins.
  16. B

    Why were there 3 incompetent commanders in the 1812 invasion of Canada?

    How did they get appointed and promoted? Did Madison mess up in putting the wrong generals in charge and using questionable plans? Was the period of peace before the war responsible for political appointments of generals? Was the rest of the officer corp as bad? Were problems with officers one...
  17. nuclearguy165

    Napoleon in Russia, 1812

    How would you rate Napoleon's performance against Russia in 1812? For the sheer scale of the disaster and considering the reputation of and relative expectations from who was in charge, I think it was one of the worst campaigns of all time. If it had been conducted by a lesser general it...
  18. Futurist

    Who exactly would you have supported in the War of 1812?

    As for me, national patriotism would probably require me to support the U.S.; after all, despite the U.S.'s treatment of Native Americans during this time, I would probably feel compelled to support the U.S. in acquiring living space (Lebensraum ;)) in British Canada in the War of 1812. Anyway...
  19. England Expects

    War of 1812: Is there any evidence that Britain wanted to occupy US territory?

    This isn't about who "won" (but I'll make a case for Britain winning if you want), nor is it about the proposed Native American State or "buffer" Territory supported by Britain. In terms of reorganising US territory this is about as far as it seemingly goes, but the two main supporters of...
  20. Celtae

    The War of 1812: The Debate Begins

    The War of 1812 is probably one of the most disputed over conflicts still remaining today, on the Internet, and in threads like these. The Americans believe they won and the British/Canadians believe they won. I am setting up this thread to have a friendly debate on this subject. Some may...