1. HowardD

    Stiumlants for James Madison in 1836?

    The second three American presidents to die (after Washington) all passed away on the 4th of July - Adams and Jefferson in 1826, Monroe in 1831. As James Madison was fading in late June 1836, his doctor Robley Dunglison offered him stimulants to keep him alive until the 4th to carry on the...
  2. Futurist

    What if Mexico defeats Texas in 1836?

    What if Mexico defeats Texas when Texas tried to gain independence from Mexico in 1836? How exactly will this affect the post-1836 development of the U.S. and of Mexico as well as post-1836 U.S.-Mexican relations? Would the idea of Manifest Destiny still eventually gain large-scale support in...
  3. Axel

    Sam Houston

    “He was a Congressman, a Senator, a Governor of two different States, a Supreme Commander of the Army, a President, an ambassador of a foreign nation to the United States, and one of America’s ten largest cities is named for him… next time you think you’ve done it all...
  4. jegates

    The Alamo - 6 March 1836

    R.I.P. brave defenders! Remember the Alamo! Remember Goliad! The Alamo