1. O

    1857: the Enfield Rifles

    Were the rumors true?:nuts:
  2. G

    Why didnt the French play a larger role in 1857, like that in US War of Independence

    The American War was strongly fought by the US with strong French backing. Why didnt the French who did have bases and had deep ties with Indian kings since long (in training their militaries like Ranjit Singh etc.) not play a more involved role in backing 1857 revolters by providing them...
  3. G

    Why did the French, Portuguese,Dutch etc. colonial powers interfere in India in 1857

    I mean in the US when the Americans fought for freedom France and Spain supported them against British to liberate these areas and reduce British power. Why did the French and other colonial powers who were stationed in the sub continent not collaborate and help these Indian rebels take the...
  4. G

    What would have happened if the 1857 revolt was won by India

    What if the Indian rebels won the 1857 revolt? What would have been the future of India and how would history have panned out? Would the liberated states up north have tried to annex the relatively dormant south? Would India have reverted to kingdomhood or been a democracy? Would the...
  5. G

    Why did the rebels declare Mughal emperor Bahadur Shah as leader of 1857 revolt

    If the Mughals were so deeply unpopular (especially since Aurangzeb era was closer than the Akbar one), why did Indian rebels declare Bahadur Shah as a symbolic head of the revolt and not say some Peshwa or other strong Hindu royals. I mean if the Mughals of the recent times were dangerous for...
  6. Inc

    1857 - Huge Earthquake in Japan - or was there?

    Allow me to explain. I'm researching major earthquakes of the past two centuries, and in the massive and generally speaking great read "History Year By Year" (Dorling Kindersley) it states: 21 March: Earthquake in Tokyo, Japan kills over 100,000. Wikipedia has an identical listing. Yet in an...
  7. Patito de Hule

    ? about morbidity of croup in 1857

    In Jan. 1857, Representative Preston Brooks, D-SC, died of croup. Not that the gentleman (???) deserved better, but how does an adult catch croup? Did he have diphtheria or whooping cough or something?
  8. R

    1857- Indian war of Independence or Sepoy Mutiny?

    I had translated this from a book in Hindi. the author was a Captain in the Indian Army. He rose from the ranks, and wrote a book " History of the Jats' in Hindi. His sources were local, and many of the accounts were not to be found in the extant works in English or the Indian history text...
  9. WeisSaul

    Emperor Maximillian 1857

    In 1857, Mexican conservatives invited Maximillian to become Emperor of Mexico. Historically, he said no, apparently wanting adventure in Brazil or something along those lines. Meanwhile, Napoleon invaded in 1861 and convinced him to reconsider. Maximillian was seen as a figurehead of French...
  10. haimian

    fat and lard question of Indian Mutiny 1857

    Brahmins woships the cow and Muslim don't touch pig, why Britain didn't exchange it ,let the Brahmins use lard and Muslim cow's fat? George Canning sent a proclaimination that the cartridge are greased neither with lard nor with cow's fat. So, is Canning honest? Is the fat crisis an hoax that...
  11. Salah

    1857 Indian War - Mutiny or War of Independence?

    I am starting this thread in the hopes of redeeming another that has been derailed by this very issue. In your eyes, was the series of revolts that broke out in northern India against British rule 1857-1859 a 'war of national independence', or merely a spontaneous rebellion of some military...
  12. Salah

    Why were the Sikhs loyal in the 1857 Mutiny?

    The East India Company's twin wars of conquest against the Sikhs were still raw memories when the Bengal sepoy mutiny of 1857 broke out. Many regiments of Sikhs, both infantry and cavalry, regulars and irregulars, were serving in the British forces on the sub-continent. Not only did all of...
  13. Salah

    Panic of 1857

    Flipping through a book about the Civil War I own, I was surprised to come across a detail I seem to have missed up until now - an economic depression known as the 'Panic of 1857'. What caused it, what were its consequences, and what role might it have played in the Civil War?
  14. B

    Inforgraphic: Travel rates in 1857 & 1830

    How far could you travel from New York City to points in the United States in 1857? Rates of Travel, 1857 | Visual.ly
  15. Thechristianphilosopher

    How did the British attitude to the Indians change after the Great Rebellion in 1857

    Before this time, the british were obsssed by Indian culture... What happened? How did the perspective betwen the two factions change?