1. Futurist

    If WWI breaks out in 1917, is a compromise peace more likely?

    If World War I would have broken out in the late 1910s--with Britain remaining neutral in World War I--instead of in 1914, would there have been a greater chance of World War I ending in a compromise peace in comparison to our TL? Basically, I'm thinking of this scenario: Franz Ferdinand...
  2. R

    Could the Tsar have won a civil war in 1917?

    If Tsar Nicholas II decided to fight it out instead of stepping down, could he have founded enough troops to fight for him?
  3. Futurist

    If Austria-Hungary makes peace in 1917, does this prevent Russia from going Red?

    If Kaiser Karl would have been willing to make peace at any price in 1917 in order to get Austria-Hungary out of World War I, would the Bolshevik Revolution in Russia have been prevented? Basically, if Austria-Hungary is willing to make peace on terms that are acceptable to the Allies (which...
  4. artistauthor

    Could ANYTHING have been done to prevent the Bolshevik seizure of power in 1917?

    Could ANYTHING have been done to prevent Lenin's Bolsheviks from coming to power in Russia in 1917. My guess is NO: There were simply TOO MANY things wrong with the Czarist autocracy. John F.Kennedy once observed that "those who seek to make peaceful evolution impossible tend to make violent...
  5. P

    Petrograd Garrison 1917

    Hey guys, I am currently researching the role of the Petrograd Garisson in the first revolution of 1917. I have found plenty of material, from first hand accounts to analyses etc, but what I am struggling to find is any precise information regarding the units comprising the Petrograd Garrison...
  6. P

    100th annivesary of battle of Caparetto 1917

    This week marks the 100th anniversary of the Battle of Caparetto Italy which was Italy's Somme and Paschendale rolled into one with the Austrians inflicting terrible losses on their ITALIAN foes. Haig gets stick for his leadership but the Italian commanders were just as profligate with their...
  7. F

    From 1917 on: what would the better alternatives have looked like?

    Since so much of later 20.th - and 21.th- century history are intimately related to the years 1917- and 18, it seems a relevant topic to discuss how things then could have been done better. At least if we agree (most of us) that the road from then was so far from being a "happy" one, but more...
  8. D

    1917,the US intervention

    Hello.In 1917,the US army came in France to fight against the german empire.Can we know the number of tanks utilized by the US army until the victory of gthe 11th november 1918 ? Thank you.
  9. JoanOfArc007

    1917 Petrograd March for Women's Suffrage

    Considering the upcoming 100th Anniversary of the Petrograd Womens March, LLOQASmngrE The Womens March was a part of the February Revolution February Revolution begins - Mar 08, 1917 - HISTORY.com
  10. F

    20 November 1917: Clemenceau takes power

    In mid-November 1917, the President of the Republic Raymond Poincaré reluctantly appointed one of his great rivals at the head of the government. At 76, Georges Clemenceau enters the legend that will make him "the tiger." Radical became a proponent of the republican order, Clemenceau opposed...
  11. Balian

    How powerful was the US military in 1917?

    How powerful was the US military actually when it entered the first world war in 1917 ?
  12. CathareHeretic

    The Tsar and the Republic 1891 1917

    Already in the summer of 1891 a squadron of the French navy had come from the July 23 an official visit to Kronstadt, near St. Petersburg on the Gulf of Finland. In his memoirs, the future German Chancellor von Bülow recalls: "The public and the crews of Russian ships were enthusiastic. The...
  13. H

    Freedom of Speech 1917

    An interesting episode during the Great War that demonstrates that freedom of speech could be denied if the political will was there to do so. The Spirit of '76 (1917 film) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia The papers of the day reported that 'the objectionable feature of the film was the...
  14. Futurist

    What if the U.S. Declares War on the Ottoman Empire in 1917?

    What if the U.S. would have declared war on the Ottoman Empire in either early 1917 (when it declared war on Germany) or in late 1917 (when it declared war on Austria-Hungary)? How exactly would this have affected the post-World War I settlement in the Middle East? (After all, unlike in real...
  15. Futurist

    Ukranian and Belarusian Nationalism Before 1917

    I've got a question--someone on another forum told me that Ukrainian and Belarusian nationalism only became widely accepted by the populations of Ukraine and Belarus after the Bolshevik Revolution of 1917 and that before this revolution, the overwhelming majority of Ukrainians and Belarusians...
  16. Futurist

    World War I Breaks Out in 1916 or in 1917?

    What if Franz Ferdinand is not assassinated in Sarajevo in 1914 and World War I breaks out in 1916 or in 1917 instead? Specifically, I am talking about a scenario where Austro-Hungarian Emperor Franz Joseph passes away and has Franz Ferdinand succeed him, only to have the Hungarians attempt to...
  17. A

    Toplica revolt 1917 , Serbia.

    Hello, anyone know where i might find some information and photos of the Toplica Revolt 1917 carried out by the Serbians against the occupying Bulgarian and Austrian armies. The only info i've found is the bries Wikipedia link. John.
  18. WeisSaul

    Turkey pulls out in 1917

    What if the Ottomans had negotiated an exit in 1917 shortly after the Russia Revolution, ceding everything south of a line from Greater Lebanon to Baqubah?
  19. Frank81

    1917, Eastern Front: attack of Wolfpacks

    On the winter of 1916 to 1917, reports of massive wolf attacks to Russian and German troops arised Russian Wolves - View Article - NYTimes.com I find this behaviour strange on wolves, the account seem to be not very serious in my opinion. What did really happen? Did something happen at all...
  20. H

    Soviets,or Councils,ruled Russia in 1917

    This thread is meant to clear up the many misunderstandings about Communism and Socialism. I will attempt to explain as best I can about what exactly the Soviets, or Councils, were. Basically, the Soviets did not consist of undemocratic state structures like the future soviet-less "Soviet"...