1. Futurist

    Neville Chamberlain in 1938 gets a vision of what 1945 is going to look like

    What if Neville Chamberlain in 1938 would have gotten a vision of what 1945 is going to look like? I mean, I'm presuming that he is going to go to war over the Sudetenland in this scenario and support a Soviet invasion of either Poland or Romania (after all, they're going to end up Communist in...
  2. artistauthor

    If Igor Gouzenko (GRU officer) had NOT defected in 1945 what might have happened?

    If GRU cipher clerk Igor Gouzenko had not defected to Canada in September 1945(thus revealing significant Soviet intelligence penetration of Western societies) what might have happened? Terry
  3. G

    Polish Newsreel 1945: Our Western Lands

    uFCsnWALq9E Translation: "(...) After centuries of foreign rule, our western borders have once again returned to the line of Odra [Oder] and Nysa [Neisse] rivers. Our western lands, liberated at the cost of many Polish lifes, are today under guard of the ones, who have winned them over. Old...
  4. notgivenaway

    The Allies break up in early 1945

    Hitler had a belief that if he could separate the Allies, by exploiting weaknesses amongst them in ideological and organisational terms. This was his rationale for the Battle of the Bulge, since it was intended to split the British/Canadian and American forces in Belgium. There were also...
  5. JM1906

    US. Bombing of Macau - January 1945

    So guys, I'm studying some details of Portuguese diplomacy during 1945-1950, and I came across this event that I never had heard off.
  6. SufiMystic

    The Battle of Berlin: April 1945. Could the Germans have won?

    What if the Axis forces had won the Battle of Berlin in 1945? On 16 April 1945, two Soviet army groups attacked Berlin from the east and south, while a third overran German forces positioned north of Berlin. Before the main battle in Berlin commenced, the Red Army encircled the city after...
  7. D

    The death of the general Patton (1945)

    Hello.After the death of the famous general Patton in a car accident in Germany in 1945,what were the conclusions of the military investigation ? Thank you.
  8. D

    liberation of Germany (1945)

    Hello.Is it true that when the US army had liberated the concentrations camps,some american officers,horrified by the discovers,have autorized the prisoners to kill the nazis keepers ? Thank you.
  9. D

    Atomic bombs of the US army (1945)

    Hello.If the troops of Hitler had won in Normandy or in the Ardennes,was the possibility of putting one or two atomic bombs on the head of the nazis armies studied by the US headquarters,in the purpose to save millions of lives (german civils,soldiers allies etc...?
  10. dlnewhouse

    Japanese surrender 1945

    Q4DsCQUWkVw The speech by Douglas MacArthur which was done on the Missouri signatories: Japan Douglas MacArthur (US) General Wainright (US) General Percival (UK) Admiral Nimitz (US) Admiral Halsey (US) Admiral Sherman (US) China UK pacific fleet Soviet Union Australia Canada France...
  11. B

    The GI: Changes from 1945 to 1950

    I am a huge history buff (surprise surprise), and am most interested in the time period of 1500 - 1945, specifically the 19th and early 20th century. I am especially interested (at least in military history) in the uniforms, equipment, and life of the common soldier. However, I know very little...
  12. TotalAaron

    Allies Knew about Holocaust before 1945

    New documents reveal Allies knew of Holocaust years before previously assumed - Diaspora - Jerusalem Post New story that has just surfaced suggests that the allied powers knew many details about the holocaust before the discovery of the death camps by allied soldiers. I cannot say i am...
  13. P

    April 1st 1945 -okinawa

    Today April 1st is the anniversary of the bloody land battle that became Okinawa 1945 although when the US land forces first landed the Japaense deciptively did not make a bloody beach defence as they had done at Tarawa. Okinawa also led to one of The USA's greatast war correspondents-Ernie...
  14. L

    Rädda Danmark ("Save Denmark") in 1945

    Rädda Danmark ("Save Denmark") in 1945 Not very known even among most Swedes and completely unknown among non-Swedes were the Swedish plans to send troops to liberate eastern Denmark and the island Bornholm during the late phase of the war. The 4th May 1945 the Swedish army General Major C.A...
  15. Seabas

    WWII, April-May, 1945. Red Army. Photos with no propaganda

    Seelow heights. Going to hospital. April 1945 Berlin. Blood transfusion in the hospital. May 1945 Seelow heights. Evacuation of wounded soldiers by dog team. April 1945 Through the fire. April, 1945. Bunzlau city, Silesia (now polish city Bolesławiec) Germany, April-May 1945...
  16. C

    'Over the years 1865 to 1945 was Germanys Anti-Semitism mostly due to individuals in

    This is for my History essay and looking for advice and helpful knowledge thanks
  17. 0

    Why should the world worry about the spread of nuclear weapons still?

    Why should the world worry about the spread of nuclear weapons when none have been used since 1945? It seems like this is still a current topic of fear among many countries and i was hoping you all could give an educated insight into why this is?
  18. P

    US Bombers in Italy 1945

    I'd like to know what type of USAAF bombers were used in the final push in April 1945, particularly over Bologna? Thank you.
  19. L

    How did Churchill win the war but lose 1945 elections

    VE Day was widely celebrated and VJ Day. So did Churchill and his party believe the popular up beat mood would sweep them back into power? Were they complacent? Why did the country vote in for the first time a new untested Labour government over a successful coalition headed by Churchill? From...
  20. Balian

    Did any nation successfully invade and occupy Japan before 1945 ?

    Did any nation successfully invade and occupy Japan before 1945 ? I mean i know that the US did not actually invade Japan in 1945. But they did if i am not mistaken occupy it until 1952