1. B

    Art Exhibitions in Mazatlan Sinaloa or Mexico City Mexico Late 1946 early 1947

    I'm trying to find art events that occurred in Mazatlan Sinaloa and/or Mexico City, Mexico after November 1946 to approximately March 1947. I've searched quite a bit, but not speaking or reading Spanish makes my search a bit challenging. I thought I would ask around here and perhaps someone...
  2. Futuristic

    Why did Pakistan expel Sikhs (and not only hindus) in 1947?

    There was enormous violence and tensions between muslim and hindu communities in the British Raj months ahead of the independence (1947), hundreds of thousands died, tens of millions moved their residence, but what I find incredibly enlightning is that not only hindus had to leave West and East...
  3. P

    why Indian Muslims Migrated to Pakistan in 1947 ?

    it was their duty to fight for their own Muslim Motherland in their Provinces (UP, Bihar, Rajasthan, Gujarat, Maharastra) why did they Migrated to Pakistan in Large Numbers ?
  4. Futurist

    The UN Rejects a Partition of Palestine in 1947

    What if, for whatever reason, the U.N. General Assembly would have voted against partitioning Palestine in 1947? For the record, the vote in the UNGA in our TL was only barely above the necessary two-thirds majority; thus, with a less sympathetic U.S. President (perhaps due to FDR picking a...
  5. V

    Indian army strike reason for independance 1947, not Gandhi

    Some people believe the myth that gandhi's non-violence policy was the reason that India became independant. That's false. The fact is that by early 1946 the British had no intention at all to leave India. It was only after the naval and army strike due to treatment of INA prisoners and other...
  6. G

    What if Jammu and Kashmir was partitioned in 1947 between India and Pakistan

    What if Jammu and Kashmir was partioned in this manner. Azad Kashmir, Kashmir valley, Gilgit Baltistan go with Pakistan. Chenab valley areas of Muslim majority go to Pakistan such as Rajouri and Poonch. India keeps Udhampur, Doda, Jammu, Reasi, Kathua, Ramban and Kishtwar and all Hindu majority...
  7. G

    Why have mainland Indians not settled in North East India in large numbers since 1947

    I understand there are a few tribal districts and a few regions that are out of bounds. But by and large chunks of areas are open for outsider settlement. Why havent mainland Indians settled in larger numbers in these areas and create a demographic change in tangible sense. I ask this coz lots...
  8. G

    What if India-Pak signed Hindu-Muslim population exchange agreement in 1947

    Where they exchanged Hindus/Sikhs/Buddhist/Jains/Zorastrians/Jews in Pak territory to India while India exchanged its Muslim population (all Urdu, Punjabi speaking Muslims to West and all Bengali speaking ones to East. Pakistan sending people of these faiths to India where India settles Hindu...
  9. G

    How did Sindh & Punjab had large non Muslim population and not Kashmir in 1947

    Sindh which was ruled continously by Muslims for over a millenia still had a substantial I believe between 30% to 40% Hindu population. Same goes for undivided Punjab. Yet Kashmir which fell to Muslims much later, after a lot of resistance and eventually even came into Hindu/Sikh rule (even...
  10. G

    If a referendum was held in 1947 in these areas would they have joined India

    Would majority of the people in these areas have agreed to join in India Tamil areas of Sri Lanka Nepal Bhutan Tibet Maldives How would each of these places have voted if there was a referendum (Assume all possible options were available to them namely joining one of the two bigger states or...
  11. L


    Hello people, new member here from India. Found this website on google search. I like to learn about Indian history, some please give good links on this website? And suggest some books? Detailed history of Ancient India to present times. Thank you very much in advance. Have a nice day.
  12. G

    An alternative scenario where each state of India is a separate nation since 1947

    How do you think these states have fared in these years upto today? What would be their military, economic and political potential. Also Chandigarh to be in Punjab, Daman & Diu and Dadra Nagar Haveli to be in surrounding state, Pondicherry parts being taken by their neighbouring states, Western...
  13. Futurist

    Was it a mistake to partition India in 1947?

    I voted No due to the fact that the Muslims in British India should have been able to determine their own destiny (which includes being able to have their own independent state(s)). However, I certainly do think that this partition could have been handled better--for instance, Kashmir should...
  14. Futurist

    Why Weren't the Pashtun-Majority Areas of Pakistan Alowed to Join Afghanistan in 1947

    Why weren't the Pashtun-majority areas of (what is now) Pakistan allowed to join Afghanistan when British India was partitioned in 1947? After all, Afghanistan is supposed to be a nation-state for Pashtuns. Plus, I have read that support for joining Pakistan in 1947 in the Pashtun-majority...
  15. Futurist

    What if Pakistan Gets Kashmir in 1947?

    What if Pakistan, rather than India, gets all of Kashmir in 1947? Would Indo-Pakistani relations since that point in time have been much better than they actually were in real life? Thoughts on this?
  16. G

    Why did Hindus from East Pak not migrate during 1947 partition

    The population of Hindus fell drastically in West Pakistan right at the time of partition. But the population of Hindus in Bangladesh or East Pakistan at that time was somewhere around 20% and fell only marginally from around 25% in the undivided period. Why did Bengali Hindus from the east not...
  17. Futurist

    How important was World War II in causing British India to be partitioned in 1947?

    I have previously read that World War II was very important in causing British India to get partitioned in 1947 (due to Britain wanting to reward the Pakistani Muslims for their support of the British war effort during World War II, et cetera); my question here is this: is this information which...
  18. R

    Asia Development Corporation 1947

    Hello! Does anyone have any information concerning the Asia Development Corporation? It apparently was headquartered in Shanghai in 1947. It purchased a ship and had it towed to that city,and renamed it Wansu.
  19. Ness

    The 1947 UFO Roswell incident

    I'm not sure if this is the correct area to have this kind of discussion. Or even if it's appropriate for this board. Although it is something that occurred on American soil, it's somewhat of a topic that a lot of people either don't like to discuss because it's believed to be ridiculous and/or...
  20. M

    History Of Modern India (Post Independence) 1947-...

    This part of our history was not taught at school, no surprise people claim they known nothing about modern Indian history.