1. Y

    courtship Algeria 1950's

    How was courtship carried out by Europeans in Algeria during the 50'-60's? Had men kissed the hand of the female every time, and if they did ,how common was it ? Opened the door? etc
  2. Futurist

    Paul von Hindenburg lives until 1950

    What if Alien Space Bats would have allowed Paul von Hindenburg to live until 1950--when he would have been either 103 or 104 years old? How would this have affected Germany in the years and decades after 1934? Any thoughts on this?
  3. P

    1950's London - where lived the middle classes

    Hello for a book that I am writing I am looking for information on where the white middle classes lived predominantly in London in the 1950s. Any details or pointers toward possible sources will be welcome. Many thanks Pierre
  4. F

    Why did music become more popular starting in the 1950's?

    I know recorded music existed before this, but why did it seem to blow up in the 1950's, then especially in the 1960's? Was it because of the invention of the television?
  5. B

    The GI: Changes from 1945 to 1950

    I am a huge history buff (surprise surprise), and am most interested in the time period of 1500 - 1945, specifically the 19th and early 20th century. I am especially interested (at least in military history) in the uniforms, equipment, and life of the common soldier. However, I know very little...
  6. P

    pre 1950 Hong Kong plate: what does the Chinese read?

    On this pre 1950 reverse of a Hong Kong registration plate, there is Chinese text. Who can help me translate this?
  7. B

    The US bombed the USSR in 1950?

    Apparently the US bombed a Soviet air base near Korea, during the Korean War on October 8, 1950. Is this true? If so, what was the purpose? Was it intended to send some message? Was it ordered by Macarthur (who was relieved of command a few months later) without authorization? What was the...
  8. Futurist

    Maps of Europe's Jewish Population in 1933 and 1950

    I figured that these maps would be of interest to some people here; these maps show the demographic impact on the Holocaust and immediate post-World War I emigration on the Jewish populations of specific European countries: 1933: 1950:
  9. Robert165

    There was a 1940's or 1950's version of Koch Brothers???

    I was once told during a conversation on world events that there was a pair of brothers or business partners very similar to the Koch bothers. I don't remember if it was in WWII, before, or after but basically they worked behind the scenes with funding and particularly propaganda, basically...
  10. Sharks and love

    Masters of sex - A time piece depicting American sexuality in 1950

    For those who love quality time pieces, Masters of sex on showtime is one that I highly recommend. I waited until the show had 6 episodes, finally got around to watching it, and once I got through the second episode I couldn't stop watching and have finished the current episodes in about the...
  11. S

    Stonehenge 1950 Image - Help Needed

    Hi, I'm researching a documentary and I have some images of Stonehenge and what is probably a solstice festival. However I know little to nothing about this - so am hoping that some of the learned ladies and gentlemen here may be able to enlighten me. What I'm wondering is: 1) Is this a real...
  12. Belloc

    1950 film interviews with Hitler’s aides resurface

    1950 film interviews with Hitler?s aides resurface - European News | Latest News from Across Europe | The Irish Times - Thu, May 02, 2013
  13. M

    Brief History

    I need a brief history of the UK from 1950 to now, all help is appreciated.
  14. M

    UK History

    Quick! I need a brief history of the UK from 1950 to now! Please help!
  15. P

    1950's cultural explosion

    1950’s a decade waiting to explode. The 1950’s a period of growth, social clarity, nuclear family male provider. Role clarity between the sexes as well as between white and black . Mass marketing through the invasive power of television set this period up for massive change. 1, The music of the...
  16. I

    Japanese Invasion of Korea 1590

    I'm looking a book which covers the two Japanese invasions of Korea during the 1590's, thanks
  17. E

    What would someone from the 1950's think of today?

    Like from those world of tomorrow videos back in the 50's suppose a futurist from the 1950's is brought to the year 2011 what would he say about this time and how will he react?
  18. Nemo Neem

    China's Revolution & Civil War (1911 - 1950)

    I am taking an Empires of East Asia course at college, and I want to do my paper on the political implications of the Chinese Revolution. In other words: 1. The Chinese "world view" 2. How this played into the civil war's birth 3. KMT vs. Communist ideologies My over-arching theme (thesis) is...