1. ez123

    US/USSR conventional strength in 1980s

    Does the US trouncing of Iraq in the 1991 Gulf War indicate that the US conventional strength in the 1980s was sufficient to repel a Soviet invasion of Western Europe? I had always heard that the US thought it could only hold back the Soviets for a few days. I wonder if the US underestimated its...
  2. Blue

    The Early 1980s of the Cold War

    ep7W89I_V_g La4Dcd1aUcE MOFsOA9VsBk MrHoMSRZOS4 You can feel the gloomy mood of that time.
  3. Menshevik

    Was there a "Satanic Panic" in the 1980s?

    I remember growing up and hearing vague conversations among people talking about Satan worship and human sacrifice. I remember talk shows saying that Dungeons and Dragons was a gateway of some kind to this Satanism. I'm now reading a book that mentions some of these things, but is very...
  4. Futurist

    Why Exactly Didnt Israel Panic About Pakistan's Nuclear Weapons Program in the 1980s?

    Why exactly didn't Israel panic about Pakistan's nuclear weapons program in the 1980s and before? After all, Israel is currently panicking about Iran's nuclear program and was previously panicking about Libya's and Iraq's nuclear weapons programs. Why exactly is the case of Pakistan different...
  5. Mangas Coloradas

    Soviet Military Pics. 1970s and 1980s.

    Just wanted to share these with everyone. External page - 2leep
  6. Syed F. Inam

    Blackadder- 1980s Television BBC show

    Who's heard of it... sad and funny show starring Rowan Atkinson(Mr. Bean) Season 1- Start of the Tudor Era Season 2- Queen Elizabeth 1st Season 3- Napoleonic Era ( King George ) Season 4- World War 1 I hate the part in Season 4 when the big push happens...It sad