1. R

    US immigrantion policy in the 19th century

    Basically speaking, aside from a race based policy, what other policies did the US have in place in the 1800s to screen immigrants, aside from rejecting at the port of entry those people who are obviously suffering from serious comminicable diseasses? Obviously the price of a ticket from...
  2. Incendio

    Naval Warfare tactics in times of Ironclads (19th century)?

    Someone is familiar with ironclads naval warfare tactics in 19th century? I am curious to know how the naval warfare tactics evolved since Trafalgar battle to the end of 19th century. As I have seen in some paintings, steamed frigates still had their cannons in the broadsides so I am thinking...
  3. Incendio

    Why there were fewer wars in 19th century in Europe?

    Which are supported reasons that there were fewer wars in 19th century in Europe compared to previous centuries after Napoleonic Wars? 18th century and especially 17th century were known to have lots of wars. After the defeat of Napoleon's French Empire in Waterloo in 1815, there were a long...
  4. M

    Lawyer in the 19th century

    Two quick questions I have been wondering: -Was the occupation of a lawyer valued highly in the society back then? -Was it possible for them to be sent to another city due to promotion?
  5. R

    How important was protectionism to the growth of the US in the 19th century?

    How important was the American school of high tariff barriers and import substitution to the growth of the US in the 19th century as an industrial power? Will it have experienced the same if it had decided on a policy of free trade with negligible trade barriers built on the theory of...
  6. Spike117

    19th Century Hunter

    Hey. I am writing a story about a hunter in the 1830's who goes into Michigan to track a rumored beast in early November. What kind of stuff would he need to bring and what would it be called? I mean his fire-starting material, hunting kit, food, tent, etcetera. Thank you!
  7. jameen

    If 19th Century US and British navy fought?

    Who will win the the naval battle if 19th Century US and British navies fought? And also can anyone present and compare the ships of these two navies especially its firepower?
  8. Incendio

    Recommended reading for late 19th century warfare in Europe?

    Hi, I know this was probably discussed before. I am looking for recommendations regarding books covering warfare, would be amazing if contains battle tactics, formations of european warfare in late 19th century, to make things easier, Franco-Prussian War (1870-1871) and/or Second Schleswig War...
  9. jameen

    If Ming Dynasty rules 19th Century

    Is it possible that Century of Humiliation will not happen in China if the Ming rules instead of Qing because Ming always innovate its armed forces?
  10. wigglywaffles

    Could the Egyptians have avoided state bankruptcy in the 19th century?

    So what could thr egyptians have done differently in the 19th century to avoid the disasterious bankruptcy that allowed the British to occupy their nation and ruined Khedive ismail's dreams of a truly modern middle eastern nation ? Or was their fate inevitable?
  11. wigglywaffles

    Korean and Vietnamese armies in the 18/19th century

    So does anyone know how did the Koreans and the Vietnamese organize their armies in the 18th/19th centuries? Did they adopt any modern tactics to resist colonial powers?
  12. Futurist

    How much larger would Cuba's population be if the US annexed it in the 19th century?

    How much larger would Cuba's population be if the U.S. annexed it sometime in the 19th century? In this scenario, would Cuba have experienced an extremely massive population boom in the 20th and 21st centuries just like Florida did in real life? Also, would Florida have had a smaller...
  13. M

    Help Identifying 19th Century Artillery Regiment / Battle

    I wonder if anyone could help me identify the regiment and or the battle in the attached 19th century watercolour, dated 1875. I suspect it is one of the colonial campaigns.
  14. O

    Democratic countries in the 19th century

    Which countries in the 19th century had transformed into a democracy (or started as one)? I know from the big players only the USA, Germany and France were democracies, but what about the smaller and less powerful countries? How many of those were democracies? Is there an increasing or...
  15. K

    Did 19th century percussion caps pose a health risk?

    To the best of my knowledge mercury fulminate was a principal ingredient in 19th century percussion caps for small arms. I'm no chemist, but isn't that a fairly toxic substance if ingested/absorbed into the body? Is there any evidence that some users of percussion small arms back in the day...
  16. K

    Accounts of foreign visitors to Mongolia 19th century

    I'm trying to gather some info on how Mongolia (Outer and Inner) was represented by foreigners during the 19th century, and as part of this I'm looking for accounts written by foreigners (in this case non-Qing subjects) who visited it during this period. I would be grateful if anyone could point...
  17. lukaszrzepinski

    how to find 19th century book?

    Hi, I found out that one of my ancestors served in Austohungarian 66th Inf regiment and fell in Italy in Battle of Custoza. I found out that there is 19th century book about this regiment. Any idea how can I find such thing? WIBIRAL, CARL; GOTTESHEIM, LUDWIG FRHR. VON; JACZ, COLOMAN: Die...
  18. N

    Late 19th century Joseon diplomats able to speak Japanese?

    The Hermit Kingdom was closed until Meiji gunboat diplomacy. Article 3 of the 1876 Japan-Joseon Amity Stipulation states that all correspondence from Japan will be in Japanese, with an attached Chinese translation. All Joseon correspondence will be in Chinese. What type of diplomats did the...
  19. Tsar

    Serbia 1878-1889: An Overview

    A Short Intro Serbia in 1878 Prince Milan, Princess Natalija and their son Aleksandar (born in 1876) Since 1868 Prince (Knez) Milan Obrenović has been the ruler of Serbia. Serbian political system was regulated by the Constitution of 1869. According to the Constitution, Serbia was ruled...
  20. wigglywaffles

    What was the status of the Khedive of Egypt in the late 19th century?

    so was the khedivate an independent country, a Turkish vassal, a British client state? Also why did in 1914 when the British formally took it over they got the ruler to change his title from Khedive to Sultan? Any symbolic meaning in that?