1. A

    April 19th 1775

    Today is April 19th... and 236 years ago today the American War of Independence began at a small sleepy village called Lexington. My how the time has flown by. :P
  2. Nick

    Tobacco in the 19th century

    What brands and flavors of pipe tobacco were popular in Victorian times?
  3. KevinNavigator

    Which european empire in 15th to 19th centuries do you like best?Why?

    Which european empire in 15th to 19th centuries do you like best?Why? England? France? Netherlands? Portugal? Spain? Austria? Prussia→Germany? Sweden? Russia?
  4. DavidM

    19th century use of the french language outside france

    Hi Could anyone give me an idea on the limitations of studying non-france related european diplomatic history, without the researcher knowing any french. Is it really a waist of time as I tend to think because I will stumble on french-written sources at some point (even in let say intergerman...
  5. Chookie

    19th Century medical advancement?

    In 19th century Edinburgh, one of the most influential surgeons of the time, a Dr Robert Knox (MD (Doctor of Medicine), FRCSEd (Fellow of the Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh), FRSEd (Fellow of the Royal Society of Edinburgh) ) was pushing the boundaries of medical knowledge. His...
  6. T

    Violent Crime in 19th Century

    Hi, I'm currently doing coursework for A level History, which amongst other things involves finding information on how the nature of crime changed in Britain in the 19th Century (specifically after 1842 and the introduction of Pentonville Prison). I've found out most of what I need, but I really...
  7. M

    Economic Changes in 19th Century America

    Hi everyone, I was just reading the social and economic changes in America from 1800's till 1860 and it is really too much for me to absorb. Can anyone help by summarizing what happened and the changes, so that it can make some good sense to me. Thanks
  8. B

    A few quick things to go over (19th century)

    Hey guys I got an exam tomorrow night and just wanted to go over a couple of things because i feel like after the first half of the semester i was left behind. - How liberalism and nationalism were colliding with the principles of the old regime during the 19th century. (In 1815, what the...
  9. K

    Britain's power up to the 19th century?

    I was given the question, "Why was Britain the most powerful country by the 19th century? Currently, I'm not doing very well in History. I did quite well last year... but this year is just killing me. For the answer, I currently have one of each category. For political, I have the Bill of...
  10. JohnnyREB1977

    Blue Laws in the 19th Century U.S.

    Hey y'all, I was wonderin' if anybody here knew anything about blue laws in the 19th Century - those laws which prohibited work/drink/etc. on Sundays. I was watching "Sunday Morning" on CBS last Sunday and the subject was brought up on the show. An author, Stephen Miller, had this to say about...
  11. sarejess

    Personal weapons of the 16th -19th Century

    I would very much like to find an accurate reference guide to personal weapons of the above-mentioned centuries. I.e. I would not like the characters at the beginning of the 16th century Venice to be using flintlock pistols if they did not exist at the time I do believe that the rapier was...
  12. C

    New 19th Century Memoir

    Hello all! I found a new primary source document and thought this might be a good place to make people aware of it. It is the travel memoir of Edward Ward, a US Navy midshipman aboard the USS John Adams on a flag-showing cruise around the world from 1838 to 1840. I discovered the...
  13. C


    In YOUR opinion who provided the BEST SOLUTION on the problems worker's faced in 19th century Europe between: Karl Marx, David Ricardo or Samuel Smiles and WHY do you think this?
  14. H

    Need some help with 19th & 20th century history please

    Hey guys, i have my final next week. Due to issues with my family i did miss a few classes so I am behind on the teacher's lectures. My professor told us there will be 5 questions to write about the day of the test, he gave us 3 of the 5 questions so I am seeing if you guys can help me out. Here...