1. P

    August 1st almost upon us-Ploesti Raid

    With August 1st almost upon us we approach the anniversary of the raid BY THE U.S. 15th Air Force on the Nazi held Rumanian oil fields at Ploesti when B-24's from North African basses attacked these facilities which had loads of flak and air protection. I always think that there was an element...
  2. jameen

    Muhammad, the 1st Muslim terrorist

    Do you believe that the world's first Muslim terrorist is no other than the founder and prophet of Islam?
  3. jameen

    1st Muslim Arab army vs Tang army

    Do you believe that Muslim Arab army led by companions of Muhammad can beat the army of China's Tang Dynasty?
  4. PoochieMoo

    Info on the 1st Michigan Lancers

    Hello! I have been researching some of my ancestors, and found that one of them was part of the 1st Michigan Lancers regiment, Company H. His name was Herbert Willett. This regiment was disbanded a few months after being created, so I was wondering how I could tack where he went to after the...
  5. frogsofwar

    Rethinking FitzRoy Sommerset, 1st Baron Raglan

    Found on many "Worst Generals in History Lists" is FitzRoy Sommerset, 1st Baron Raglan. The commander of British forces in the early stages of the Siege of Sebastapol, he is eviscerated by historians for his partial responsibility in the disastrous Charge of the Light Brigade at the battle of...
  6. B

    "The River War: An Account of the Reconquest of the Soudan" 1st edition.

    Looking at reviews of "The River War: An Account of the Reconquest of the Sudan" I read in one review that Churchill made some critical comments regarding Kitchener's prosecution of that campaign in the first published book but was omitted in the second edition. I'm not sure if Churchill's...
  7. Naima

    Wa 1st cent BC ?

    What was like the society, population , technology level , warfare etc in Wa Ancient Japan compared to han or other countries during that period?
  8. Baltis

    Samuel Argall - North America's 1st Slaver?

    Most of us have been acquainted with the 1619 notation that a Dutch man of war came to Jamestown and "sold us some 20 negroes." The earliest record of slavery in the colonies. However, does your knowledge stop there? What if I told you that this was no accident. The Deputy Governor of...
  9. P

    August 1st 1943- usaaf disaster at ploesti

    Yesterday,August 1st was the 74th anniversary of 'Operation Tidal Wave'' the USAAF's equivalent of the British Charge of the Light Brigade where despite great personal gallantry by B-24 crews from the Ninth & Eighth Air Forces flying out of Libya , attempted-on August 1st 1943 to knock out the...
  10. S

    Anglo-Saxon First Crusade leaders?

    So besides Edgar Aetheling, were there any Anglo Saxon 1st Crusade leaders in exile who actually led an army and fought in the old Anglo-Saxon way? (Shield Wall). It there were it must have been awkward joining forces with the Norman/French armies enroute to Jerusalem, knowing they were the...
  11. JM1906

    John Churchill, 1st Duke of Marlborough

    Hello fellow members. I would like to know more John Churchill, 1st Duke of Marlborough. What were his main roles in the government? Some context about his time. The biggest actions and his impact in British history. Was he related to Sir Wiston Churchill?
  12. S

    10th Century Romanized Korean Poem

    e is pronounced as 'eh' as in men u is pronounced as 'oo' as in moon ŏ is pronounced as 'eo' as in hunter ŭ is pronounced as 'eu' as in hunter Apologies for any errors if there are any. Line Number Idu writing system (Chinese characters) Romanized Old Korean (1st Century AD - 10th...
  13. P

    April 1st 1945 -okinawa

    Today April 1st is the anniversary of the bloody land battle that became Okinawa 1945 although when the US land forces first landed the Japaense deciptively did not make a bloody beach defence as they had done at Tarawa. Okinawa also led to one of The USA's greatast war correspondents-Ernie...
  14. dreuxeng

    The 20th Century: The 1st Half ONLY

    Somebody mentioned H L Mencken, on some thread or other, who i've never heard of before. His wiki page is somewhat compelling, if only for the fact that he appears a product of his times. Who else might be mentioned in a similar way? Is this a truism of any half century?
  15. B

    Established Congregationalist Churches and the meaning of the 1st Amendment clause

    My understanding is that while the establishment of the Anglican Church in other states ended with the American Revolution, it continued with the Congregational Church in New England into the 19th century. When did it end in various states? Also, the 1st Amendment says "Congress shall make no...
  16. P

    Lucky somme battle whistle -july 1st 1916

    On Friday July 1st 2016 at the Scottish National war memorial in Edinburgh Castle the act of rememberancefor the 20'000 men who died at the Somme on July 1st 1916 will begin with a retired Scottish British Army officer giving a blast on the whistle that his grandfather blew signalling his men...
  17. A

    Books on 1st Cent AD Kushan Empire

    Hey guys, been trying to work my way through the 1st century AD, and next on my list is the Kushan Empire. You guys know of any good books that tackle this topic during this time period? Thanks for any help.
  18. S

    Immigration From India To Korea During 1st Century AD

    During the 1st century AD, the Korean peninsula was controlled by four Korean states: Goguryeo, Baekje, Shilla and Gaya. According to ancient immigration records, Shilla and Gaya received a number of immigrants from the kingdom of Ayodhya. These people consisted of families, convoys, slaves and...
  19. S

    1st city to reach 1 million

    It seems quite contentious, to be honest. A common answer is that it was Rome, however, whether Rome actually ever reached a million seems to be debatable in itself. Others say Baghdad in the 800s, which is so late that it causes me to raise a eyebrow. Was there no city in China or the Indian...
  20. C

    "Korea's 1st kingdom ruled today's Beijing"

    A new wrinkle in the Sino-Korean History conflict as a Korean scholar publishes a new book extending the territory of Gojoseon into China: 'Korea's 1st kingdom ruled today's Beijing' The new territory of Gojoseon according to the article: It is difficult to see, even were we to believe in...