1. Futurist

    Russia's 20th century development without Communism

    What do you think that Russia's 20th century development would have looked like had the Bolshevik coup of 1917 failed? For instance, do you think that Russia would have become a developed country by now? Also, do you think that Russia would have retained all of the territories of the Russian...
  2. Futurist

    A Russian Sun Belt in the late 20th and 21st centuries?

    Let's say that Russia would have escaped Bolshevism. This can be done--for instance--by having Kornilov and Kerensky actually cooperate in July 1917 and shoot and kill all of the Bolsheviks that they can get their hands on. Obviously a military regime in Russia might not last for very long, but...
  3. World History Fan

    In your opinion, who was the best First Lady of the 20th century?

    And why do you think so? For me it is Eleanor Roosevelt. She really modernize the role of First Lady. She brought increase awareness too a lot of social problems I will say it is hard to pick just one First Lady from the last century as the best. There were a lot of Great First Ladies in the...
  4. Futurist

    If Britain & France would have fought in the early 20th C, could Britain get Algeria?

    If Britain & France would have fought in the early 20th C, could Britain get Algeria? If Britain and France would have fought in the early 20th century, could Britain have gotten Algeria in the event of victory? A good way to have Britain and France fight each other in the early 20th century...
  5. ThePrioryPodcast

    Official version of Stalin and 20th Century USSR

    I stumbled across a book on Amazon called Blood Lies written by a guy wonderfully named Grover Furr! :laugh: The book from what I have researched (I've not bought it yet) is a revisionist look at the history of Stalin and the USSR where he claims to debunk a number of attrocities associated with...
  6. K

    Pocket lighters during the turn of the 20th century?

    Quite an esoteric subject I know, but am I right in thinking that practical pocket lighters first emerged around the early 1900s? Wikipedia makes the claim that: "The patenting of ferrocerium (often misidentified as flint) by Carl Auer von Welsbach in 1903 has made modern lighters possible."...
  7. JM1906

    Most relevant Geopolitics theorist of the 20th century

    So people, I've been introduced recently to the geopolitics world, part by academic reasons, part per own interests. I know some relevant names and bibliography, but very few about the theories itself. I'm looking for your opinions about who are the most important names, and the more logic...
  8. C

    Captured 20th Century Warships?

    I know some merchant ships were captured by commerce raiders, and I don't count warships that surrendered after a peace was signed like the German fleet at Scapa Flow in 1918 or the Italian fleet sailing into Allied ports in 1943. I recall numerous accounts of damaged 20th century warships...
  9. A

    Question about Germany of 20th century

    Hello there! I don't even know where should I put my question, but I guess it's appropriate to be here. There is the situation: I'm currently reading a book Babylon Berlin: Book 1 of the Gereon Rath Mystery and there is an excerpt, sense of which I can't catch anyhow, but I think there is...
  10. Old Reb

    Greatest Guerrillas of the 20th Century

    I have a short list of 6. 1. Emilio Aguinaldo (1869-1964). Led insurrection against both Spanish and Americans in the Philippines (late 1890's-early 1900's). Was the Philippines first President. 2. Paul Von Lettow-Vorbeck (1870-1964). With less than 14,000 men, mostly black colonial...
  11. E

    20th century naval arms race

    Been doing research on the naval arms race and just wanted to post the balance of naval power at different times throughout history(I took this data from Wikipedia though I complied it into a list on my own). Hope this can spark discussion. I will post the number of (dreadnought and onwards)...
  12. C

    Who was the worse dictator of the mid 20th Century?

    Who was the worse dictator of the mid 20th Century, Hitler or Stalin? Hitler killed 6 million+ Jews, untold numbers of handicapped, Gypsy, mentally ill, homosexual, etc people. He also began WWII with his invasion of Poland. That is undeniable. The other contender, Stalin, killed 10+...
  13. Futurist

    PC: A Muslim-majority Russia due to massive Russian expansion in the 20th century?

    Would it have been plausible for Russia to avoid the Bolshevik Revolution during WWI (for instance, by having Kerensky side with Kornilov instead of arming the Bolsheviks) and then to expand so much over the next several decades (into Xinjiang, Afghanistan, Persia, et cetera--possibly as the...
  14. Futurist

    AHC: Create the largest realistic 20th century Russia-**** you can think of

    Here is a fun AHC for you: Create the largest realistic 20th century Russia-waank you can think of. Basically, try to expand Russia as much as possible and to make Russia as wealthy as possible by the end of the 20th century. Also, please do this without Bolshevism; indeed, Russia would have...
  15. H

    Early 20th Century Orphan Life in Dublin?

    Hey, so I'm looking to do some research for a collection of short stories I'm working on. One of the main characters is the son of a prostitute in Dublin's Monto area, born in 1899, with his mother dying of TB when he was around six. I'm trying to put together an idea of the lifestyle he...
  16. Oliver Cromwell

    Greatest Leaders of the 20th Century?

    There are obvious ones, like Hitler (until WWII and the Holocaust), Stalin (who, despite being a monstrous, murderous tyrant, did industrialise Russia and make it into a world superpower and claim half of Europe for communism) and Churchill (who led Britain to victory in WWII). But there are...
  17. E

    Reaction of the German public to the July 20th Plot

    I'm currently conducting research into this subject, but primary sources have thus far been quite sparse. I am looking for anything such as letters, journals, diaries that act to catalogue the reactions of Germans (civilians and military personnel) to this plot. I can read both English and...
  18. T

    Currently conducting a survey on the impact of Nuclear Technology in the 20th century

    Hi, my name is Tony Lu and I am currently undertaking a year 12 research project. My guiding question is: How has the discovery of Nuclear Energy effect the mid to late 20th Century? If you have knowledge of/personal experiences in (or know someone who does) the 20th century nuclear fever, it...
  19. dreuxeng

    The 20th Century: The 1st Half ONLY

    Somebody mentioned H L Mencken, on some thread or other, who i've never heard of before. His wiki page is somewhat compelling, if only for the fact that he appears a product of his times. Who else might be mentioned in a similar way? Is this a truism of any half century?
  20. Futurist

    European countries with the most immigration in the late 19th and early 20th cent.?

    Which European countries had the most immigration in the late 19th and/or early 20th centuries? Also, if possible, please provide data for this. :) Anyway, any thoughts on this? :)