1. F

    500 years Reformation Day today

    When Luther nailed his 95 theses to the church door at Wittenberg it was the start of giving people a freedom that has continued to this day. But lets not forget there were others who played a part in bringing this about
  2. M

    500 BC: Time-Traveller teaches Ancient Greece and Persia to make Gunpowder Weapons!

    In the date, January 1st, 500 BC, a Time-Traveller goes back to the Ancient Past to teach both the Greeks and Persians how to make and use Muskets and Cannons He spends three months in each city teaching its inhabitants: -Babylon (Persia) -Athens (Greece) -Sparta (Greece) -Pasargadae...
  3. O

    India's Zero Just Got 500 Years Older Due To A New Study

    The findings mean that the manuscript predates a 9th century inscription of zero on the wall of a temple in Gwalior, Madhya Pradesh, which was previously considered to be the oldest recorded example of a zero used as a placeholder in India, a report by Oxford's Bodleian Libraries said...
  4. JoanOfArc007

    Famous Muslim women of the last 500 years

    I will start off with the Turkish combat pilot Sabiha Gokcen(reported to be the world's first female fighter pilot) ...here is Gokcen pictured with Ataturk himself,
  5. Swagganaut

    Source hunting for Medieval Central Sudan (Ca. 500 - 1500 AD)

    As already announced some days ago, I want to write a paper on the Kingdom of Alodia (Aka Alwa or Aloa), a Christian Nubian Kingdom which lasted from the 6th - early 16th century in what is now central Sudan. In contrast to Makuria the sources are fairly spare, especially archaeological ones...
  6. Waterloofinalsolution

    Book reccomendations written 300+ years ago that were anti-freedom and equality?

    I already have 1 marked on my buying list which is Thomas Hobbes "Leviathan". I want a good philosophy book that discusses why humans should be governed by absolutists as opposed to self governing themselves written a long time ago when rule under absolutists was common. I want to get immersed...
  7. PaKeeza

    Soan River, Pakistan - 500,000BP

    Just on the suburbs of modern day Islamabad, the capital of Pakistan flows a rather insignificant river going by the name of Soan. It trickles down the Murree hills where there is dam that supplies water to the city then passing near the ever expanding suburbs of Islamabad. It then moves in a...
  8. royal infanta

    Africa (500 - 1000 A.D)

    I'm quite knew to studying African history and have been doing some reading on famous or infamous African leaders. While I have come across information in the Ancient times and the Medieval and Early Modern periods, I haven't really come across much information about the period between 500 and...
  9. M

    Battle of Tumu-30,000 Mongols defeat 500,000 Ming.

    The Battle of Tumu is an almost extrodanary, unbelievable victory. What went so wrong? 500,000 Chinese army?????? Annihalated entirely by 30,000 Mongols?
  10. M

    Fish caught in Japan with 2,500 times the legal limit of radioactivity for humans

    The nuclear radiation levels in Japan are getting dangerously high, especially in the coastal areas as a lot of the nuclear radiation from the Japan nuclear disaster has a long half life. I have a feeling that the nuclear radiation will soon cause cancers in the Japanese population within a few...
  11. K

    Turkic- mixed Asians ruled White for 500 years. Are they military superior to Europe?

    Doesn't this mean they were historically far more military superior to Europeans? I've been to the empires forums before and the members there always talk about how Europeans empires had ruled the world and that no other groups achieved this but the Turkic people have conquered just much...
  12. Emperor Trajan

    9,500 year old stone figurines found in Isreal

    Two stone-age figurines have been discovered in excavations by the Israel Antiquities Authority. They were found at the Tel Motza archaeological site, where work is being carried out to build a new highway. This is the article I reed it from 9,500-year-old stone figurines discovered in Israel
  13. S

    500 Influential Muslims

    A great document from Yale regarding Islam. A good tutorial for those who want to know more about Islam as well. http://www.yale.edu/worldfellows/fellows/documents/500MostInfluentialMuslims.pdf
  14. TruthSeeker1

    What really made Western civilization dominant over the rest for the past 500 years?

    Before the 1500s, China and maybe the Middle East were the dominant powers in the world. Many things come to mind...Rise/Fall of the Roman Empire, Protestant Reformation, Renaissance, Age of Enlightenment.... all were important but I believe the main thing was the Scientific...
  15. Thessalonian

    EU vs US: The battle of 500 BCE

    The ancient armies of Gauls, Romans, Greeks and Picts attack America, with the sole purpose of colonization. The Maya and several other American native tribes heard the news and prepare for an epic battle. 2000 European ships carry approximately 200,000 troops. A similar number of American...
  16. unclefred

    Frozen 500 yo Peruvian sacrifices found after ice melt

    Global Warming Uncovers Corpses Frozen in Time : TreeHugger
  17. pinguin

    Simo the sniper of Finland. 500+ kills without a scope?

    Simo Häyhä became a most feared sniper during the 1939-40 (30 November 1939 14 March 1940) Winter invasion of Finland by the Soviet Union. Using nothing more than an iron sighted Mosin-Nagant Model 28, Simo is credited with killing 505 Russians during a three month period - a feat still...
  18. Isoroku295

    What is 2010 in 500 years

    In 500 years from now, when kids fly their rocket boards to their School on the nearest continent, they will have History, and in it I assume they will mention the world throughout its ages, including this age. What do you believe they will say about this world today?
  19. wittgenstein

    The 500 Greatest Songs of All Time?

  20. fire_of_sekhmet

    Most Ancient Case Of Tuberculosis Found In 500,000-year-old Human

    http://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2007/12/071207091852.htm Although most scientists believe tuberculosis emerged only several thousand years ago, new research from The University of Texas at Austin reveals the most ancient evidence of the disease has been found in a 500,000-year-old human...