1. Romanianboy2013

    Why Sweden abolished in 1974 the kings prerogative to grant nobility titles?

    I found it very weird, since Sweden is still a monarchy. We all know that UK and Spain grant titles for its extraordinary citizens that are very good in their fields of work like arts, sport, charity work, medicine, writers etc. Even my country which is a republic, grants medals for its...
  2. R

    if they really wanted it done, Could the Founders of abolished slavery in 1776

    Do you think the founders could of realistically abolished slavery in 1776 if they really wanted too the pole will be a simple "yes" or "no" but feel free to add context/why you think it could or could not of been done
  3. M

    If Bonaparte abolished Prussia

    What if, after Jena, Bonaparte had ended Prussia; say, giving Silesia back to Austria, and the remainder of Prussia to nearby German states? What consequences?
  4. Valens

    Should conscription be abolished in all European countries?

    Most European countries have abolished conscription, excluding Turkey and Russia, some ten European countries still have active conscription enforced. Should these countries also abolish conscription? What are the effects of conscription besides its significance for military capabilities of a...
  5. Futurist

    When exactly was the death penalty for homosexuality abolished in Europe?

    Basically, my question here is this--other than for Nazi Germany (which proscribed the death penalty to members of the SS and police who engaged in gay sex), when exactly was the last time that any European country executed people for homosexuality and/or for homosexual behavior? Was it a couple...
  6. World History Fan

    If Russia became a Constitutional Monarchy and the Monarchy was ever abolished

    Let suppose that during the 18th and 19th Centuries, Russia becomes a constitutional monarchy following very much the English pattern of form of constitutional monarchy. By the early 20th Century Russia is fully democratized into a true constitutional monarchy very much like that in Great...
  7. M

    What if Charlemagne had abolished partible inheritance?

    How might this have impacted the course of the Middle Ages?