1. ladislaV

    Career Guidance Become a Medievallist (academic)

    Hail to all! What advices can you give me about becoming a Medievallist (academic)? What is necessary to become a Medievallist, what do I need to know mostly?
  2. A

    Academic Guidance Academic planning

    Hiya. So I'm not sure if this is fair to post on this website. I've enrolled for a BA as a high school teacher in Dutch and History. Afterward though, I'd like to get into something more history related. So here's a few questions. 1) What advise would you give someone who wants to go into...
  3. C

    Greetings from academic hell

    Hello, all! I am a lowly college student from Virginia and I discovered this forum while procrastinating studying for my finals, naturally. I am graduating next week with a history degree, which of course means I will be unemployed for the next several years, so I soon will have plenty of time...
  4. RomaVictrix

    Academic sources on ancient Macedonian culture, society, technology, & engineering

    Academic sources on ancient Macedonian culture, society, technology, & engineering Hello everyone! As I've mentioned in my new user greetings thread, I am very interested in academic sources focusing on ancient Macedonia & its people, covering in particular its art, architecture, literature...
  5. Futurist

    A good academic article about the history of ethnic Russians in Central Asia

    Here you go :):
  6. J

    Recent academic approaches to the origins of the Civil War

    I've been working on a project for a history course on recent methodologies employed by academic Civil War historians I'm giving in a few months. I have my own ideas about this but I was wondering if you've read at least one of the three books I'm discussing (all written in the past 10 years)...
  7. Celtae

    Favourite Conflict For Purpose of Academic Study?

    Hello all, I am in intrested in hearing which historical conflicts are your favourite to study. In your opinion, which ones give a more diverse field of academic research in the areas of Polotics, Technology, Tactics etc.? My personal favorites are as follows... ● The Great War (WW1)-...
  8. gothgoesblonde

    Academic Guidance Academic Writing topic

    Hi, this is very newbie question but... am I supposed to capitalize all letters in the topic (except of, in etc.)? :P Life and Adventures of Santa Clause for example?
  9. BenSt

    Academic Guidance Useful Academic Software

    Moving along steadily with my personal project, I've been finding some fantastic software that I think needed to be shared. I thought this thread would be good for others to make suggestions as well! Disclaimer: Obviously download at own risk, just incase. If you all have suggested pieces of...
  10. S

    Career Guidance Questions about careers and academic advice

    Hi everyone! I'm a British Master's student and I have a few questions about what to do after Master's. I wasn't really sure whether to post this in Academic or Career Advice, but I went with careers even though there are questions on both. One of the big reasons why I study history is because...
  11. The merchant of Venice

    How much did you pursue history on an academic level?

    What is your involvment in history on a career/cademic/professional point? Total amateur - if you studies in history were limited to what was compulsory in your country's school system Amateur - if you did some additional history studies but didn't properly pursued it Partial professional -...
  12. davu

    The future of academic publishing

    interesting --- The future of academic publishing | | Independent Editor's choice Blogs
  13. E

    African Immigrant Academic success (Spells Good News For Africa)

    Good news for Africans. It turns out that In America and Europe African Immigrant academic success is outstanding. In America African immigrants tend to shine academically and out of any other immigrant group hold the highest amount of college graduates. Coming from relatively poor backgrounds...
  14. steve53

    Professional Historians with impressive academic credentials who were frauds.

    Just because you have a lot of letters after your name doesn't mean you are honest, or an honest researcher. One who comes to mind, not in history, though, is an medical researcher called Darcy, who faked most of his work and got published a lot in the New England Journal of Medicine. His work...
  15. Jake10

    What do you think about academic pressures leading to suicides in S. Korea?

    It seems as if South Korea is determined to achieve top academic standards, but at what cost?
  16. unclefred

    This just reeks of academic arrogance to me.

    I'm sure many see it the other way, but I see it as self-serving harassment. Smithsonian Shipwreck Exhibit Draws Fire From Archaeologists - ScienceInsider
  17. Jake10

    Academic demands made by parents too high?

    I came across this somewhat controversial article, where a Chinese mother boasts about the academic demands she puts on her children, and goes on to point out that this is far better than most western practices. While she makes several stereotypes, I have to acknowledge that some of what she...
  18. N

    Academic books on Rural America during the lead up to the Revolution

    Hey, I have just finished working my way through a pile of books, including Urban Crucible by Nash and Rebels Rising by Karp, and realized that the only one I had read that dealt with the countryside in the lead up to the American Revolution in depth was Transformation of Virginia. I am more...
  19. pinguin


    I have written many essays in my time and achieved grades of Bs and Cs at A level and University. I want to however, acheive A's. Does any one have any advice or know how in writing and structuring an academic history essay in such a way to receive higher bracket 1st and A grades...