1. Kirialax

    Reliable popular accounts of medieval China

    What is available to the general reader for medieval China? I'm mainly thinking post-Han and pre-Ming, and am thinking of readable but reliable works. I'm a little concerned about what one finds on the shelves in stores or top results of Amazon, as the equivalent in my own field of Byzantine...
  2. K

    Accounts of foreign visitors to Mongolia 19th century

    I'm trying to gather some info on how Mongolia (Outer and Inner) was represented by foreigners during the 19th century, and as part of this I'm looking for accounts written by foreigners (in this case non-Qing subjects) who visited it during this period. I would be grateful if anyone could point...
  3. Blue

    Yahoo Reveals Another Major Hack On One Billion Accounts

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  4. R

    "Duck and Cover", personal accounts

    Hello, after watching and listening to "Leningrad" song by Billy Joel, LgD_-dRZPgs I became interested again in "Duck and Cover". I'm not so interested in its military usefulness (though it is important, too) but rather in the psychological effect of it (especially on children). Anybody...
  5. Polynikes

    Best military accounts/books of the 7 greatest commanders according to Napoleon?

    As it says in the title, in your opinion, what are some of the best military books on Napoleon's 7 favorite captains, Those being: 1. Caesar 2. Alexander 3. Hannibal 4. Eugene 5. Gustavus 6. Turenne 7. Frederick (Along with the best military books on Napoleon and Wellington and Marlborough)
  6. FailWhale

    Great general's thoughts on other great generals

    Looking for accounts of some great military mind's opinion of those that came before or were contemporaries of them? e.g. what did Hannibal think of Alexander, or Caesar think of Hannibal? How aware were western European generals of Genghis Khans accomplishments? Can be from any time period.
  7. V

    Student in search of personal reccounts from WWII

    Hello everyone, my name is Kenna! I am currently a student in a small-town high school, and my AP history class has been studying WWII this past semester. We were given the option to choose our own topics/study our interests for our final projects, and I chose to gather information and personal...
  8. G

    Books and written accounts of Gypsy travel to Europe from India

    Books and written accounts of Gypsy travel to Europe from India. From their persecutions by the Muslim empires in the medieval era, their enslavement, capture, being sold as slaves or migrating towards the west and their journey. What books or legends are available which show the memory of their...
  9. Guaporense

    Long term national accounts for China

    I post this paper again: Now a more recent version. Interestingly the Balassa Samuelson effect was weak in 1840, when prices in China were only 40% lower than prices in UK. Chinese economic history from 1050 onwards was of constant...
  10. EmperorTigerstar

    Old Accounts of the Flipped Seasons

    As we all know, Australia has warm weather during Christmas while the United States typically has colder. The hemispheres have flopped seasons. Naturally tropical areas have dry and wet style seasons so for the most part major civilizations in ancient and medieval times were in the Northern...
  11. Z

    First accounts of pre-colonial Africa?

    Hi, first time posting. In latin american colonization, there are several authors that narrate their first contact with the New World. First, explorers like Colombus and Amerigo Vespucci, then Bartolomé de las Casas and Bernal Díaz de Castillo. They document a variety of things, but most...
  12. W

    Books/Accounts of Confederate Artillery?

    EDIT: Sorry, meant to put this in American history. Thread can be moved or deleted.
  13. Menshevik

    Taliban accounts of the war?

    Anyone know of any books on the war in Afghanistan, that are seen from the Taliban perspective?
  14. M

    (WWII) Looking for German Accounts (Eng.) of Mortain and Falaise Pocket Ops

    To satisfy my personal curiosity,* I'm researching Patton's role in the breakout from Normandy in WWII. I've located numerous Allied sources, but have not had much luck finding English translation of German sources. I'd love to find a few accounts from a command (7th Army) and individual soldier...
  15. M

    Book Recommendations: First-Hand Accounts

    Hello again, Stocking up the library and want to get into some more historical books that are written in first-hand accounts or near first-hand accounts. I know some ancient authors wrote about things 50-100 years after the fact, but I'll take those as well. So, does anyone have any good book...
  16. Lawnmowerman

    Taking heads/ Slitting throats verified accounts

    For the last 100+ years all armies have tales of enemy soldiers or their own sneaking into camp at night and decapitating or slitting the throats of every other sleeping man or killing and entire platoon in their sleep bar one man to spread the word. The myth seems to always revolve around the...
  17. red4tribe

    First Person Accounts Revolutionary War

    Hello all, Does anyone happen to know some good first person accounts from common revolutionary war soldiers? There is, of course, Joseph Plumb Martin's account but I am looking for others.
  18. Q

    Historical accounts on Azerbaijani Turks in Caucasia

    Accounts of traveler Johann Anton Güldenstädt (1771-72). ÈÎÃÀÍÍ ÀÍÒÎÍ ÃÈËÜÄÅÍØÒÅÄÒ (translated from Russian to English via google-translate) TEREKEMENSKIE OR TRUHMENSKIE, Tatars 305 They occupy the eastern foot of the Caucasus Mountains, the western shore of the Caspian Sea near Boynaka...
  19. Baltis

    Newspaper Accounts of the Alamo

    I have a new toy. Book actually. It is The Alamo Reader, edited by Todd Hansen. The book includes 800 pages of eyewitness accounts to the battle of the Alamo. I am truly amazed with its contents. One section in particular caught my eye. Newspaper accounts from the day. Appropriately, the first...
  20. Aulus Plautius

    21-32 Trillion held in offshore accounts

    In the latest USA Today one article stated that corporations and the ultra-wealthy have between 21 trillion and 32 trillion dollars in off-shore accounts to avoid payment of taxes. This goes a long way in explaining the debt crisis in Europe and USA. It is not the first time the super-wealthy...