1. R

    Historical Accuracy of Cultural Sensitivity?

    I don't know if this is the right place for this, but here goes- I'm attempting to write a novel (historical fiction), but I've run into a bit of a snag. One of the characters in it Septimius Severus- who, as far as I've researched, was African. His wife, Julia, I think, if I remember...
  2. Vulkov

    History and accuracy? - Book recommendations

    Hello everybody ! In my spare time I love to study history. However the more I learn and study the more I find cases of forgeries which had the chance to change the way we view events. In other cases there was lack of data or documents which were later found who changed precious misconceptions...
  3. Balian

    how important is historical accuracy to you

    I mean in movies\tv shows\mini series or books that is bases on history, How important to you is it that they are historical accurate or as historical accurate as possible ? Personally for me its important that they are as historical accurate as possible. I mean i don`t expect it to be 100%...
  4. King Arthur

    Mabinogion Accuracy

    When naming all these people, how many of them are likely accurate? Arthurian Infopedia - Knights of the Round Table from the Welsh Sources I had never heard of Ermid ap Erbin or Dywel ap Erbin, but apparently both appear in several welsh texts which could suggest they definitely existed. Also...
  5. C

    Historical Accuracy on Screen: Race and Gender

    Sophie Okonedo was best actress to play white role in The Hollow Crown | TV & Radio | Showbiz & TV | Daily Express One of the latest examples of a growing trend of non-standard casting choices in historical drama: a black actress playing the role of Margaret of Anjou, the wife of Henry VI. I...
  6. Waterloofinalsolution

    Why do people take "A Short account of the Destruction of the Indies" as accuracy?

    Why do people take "A Short account of the Destruction of the Indies" as accuracy? Why don't people take Conquistador Veteran Bernal Diaz's book "Conquest of New Spain" which he writes as Historical accuracy? In Bernal Diaz's book, he doesn't point fingers, he goes into great detail describing...
  7. C

    Historical accuracy of this movie fight Yes, the guy with the crown (Macbeth) would realistically be wearing a bascinet too, but at this point he was in YOLO mode. How many historical innacuracies, or plain hollywood choreography evilness can you spot? I'm curious as some people hail it as one of...
  8. Ceasar

    Statistics on Early Modern Firearms and Artillery

    I've been doing research on various firearms from muskets to cannons and have come up with some statistics that I would like to share with the community and see what everyone else thinks about my findings. Musket Accuracy One huge source of misconceptions I see is the question of musket...
  9. J

    Xenophon: ‘Fast is fine, but accuracy is everything’

    Hi! I'm researching the attribution of a 'ancient' quote. Xenophon (and Wyatt Earp) is often cited as having used the following sentence: ‘Fast is fine, but accuracy is everything’. As I'm writing my PhD thesis on increasing accuracy in surgery it's a wonderful and playful introduction. Of...
  10. Sicknero

    Do film and TV producers have a responsibilty to represent history truthfully?

    I know this has been argued over many times already in various movie/TV threads but I couldn't find a dedicated topic so here goes; To what degree do you think that the makers of movies and TV programs have a responsibility to represent the facts of history as opposed to just making "a good...
  11. A

    Accuracy of Kubrick's "Spartacus"

    I'm quite ignorant on Roman hisotry, but I'm curious as to the accuracy of this film. Specifically I'm wondering about the theme of conflict between Gracchus and Crassus, how it was supposedly part of a political conflict between the patricians and, as they put it, the mob. I understand...
  12. Robert165

    Accuracy of Plutarch

    How accurate and reliable is Plutarch. I really enjoy reading him but he inserts a lot of small details about people's attitudes or reactions that would seem hard to verify as third hand accounts. Also, what about the positive or negative character assessments he gives people? His opinions on...
  13. Sharks and love

    The accuracy of this Christmas infographic

    I found this image online and I'd like to share it with friends and family, but I'd like to know whether it is accurate or not first. So I would like to ask those who know it best: Is this image at all inaccurate? And if so, where? By the way, credit where it is due...
  14. Thessalonian

    Ancient/modern battle reenactment and accuracy

    What do you think about those? Entertaining yes, but not necessarily accurate too! :laugh: Chinese Ancient Battle Reenactment - YouTube Shanghai - Ancient Battle Reenactment - YouTube War of 1812 Re-enactment - YouTube Bastion Explosion at Historic Fort Erie Siege Weekend 2008 - YouTube...
  15. Salah

    Historical Accuracy of the Bible

    Just curious to see everyone's stance on this issue:)
  16. M

    Accuracy of

    What do you guys think of the historical articles posted on Are they actually accurate or just for humor?
  17. Paulinus

    Accuracy of I Claudius

    I started rereading Robert Grave's I Claudius again the other day and apart from admiring it a new began to wonder about the historical basis of the main story line and various sub-plots. I believe Graves drew upon accounts of the early imperial families lives from Tacitus, Suetonius and...
  18. Isoroku295

    Accuracy of a History Textbook.

    As we know, the easiest ways to affect the thoughts of a student is with what they hear about History (can make someone believe others are evil by making them believe those others caused something bad). As we know, the Government wants to control the people. As we know, the government decides...
  19. H

    Accuracy of busts of ancient persons

    Hi, all. Many internet sites such as wikipedia picture busts of ancient historical figures. These busts are apparently themselves from antiquity, and so have the potential for some semblance of artistic accuracy. But how far can we trust them? I wish to find an essay, web site or some other...