1. MinecraftEsportsPro

    Is Alexander the Great actually as bad as some people say he is?

    The main criticisms that I hear some people have of Alexander the Great is that his Army was already trained by Philip and that the Persians had a very weak army and incompetent leader. Of course he had a great army, and I'm sure it helped, but I don't believe all the credit should go to the...
  2. ThePharaoh

    Persian population in Achaemenid Asia minor?

    Hi, Is there any source that highlights the Persian population in Asia Minor(or anatolia) during the Achaemenic rule? Lets say during the Greco-Persian wars? and what was the proportion compared to the local anatolians(lycians,lydians,carians and so on) and Greeks?
  3. specul8

    Where was Achaemenid India?

    According to some historical records 'India' , a part of it, was an Achaemenid satrapy. Is there any archeology to indicate where this was ?
  4. VHS

    Could Achaemenid Empire repulse Alexander the Great?

    Achaemenid Empire, in theory, had much resource at hand; in practice, it was at least as corrupted and ineffective as the late Ming Dynasty. Could Achaemenid Empire repulse Alexander the Great by any means?
  5. E

    Achaemenid Persia - Women's Clothing

    I'm reading that during this period women actually (in comparison to other contemporary nations) had a lot of power/rights. They could own land, earn their own wages, had some political power, were educated, could travel freely, etc.. But, there is nearly no depictions of them, while there...
  6. C

    Mongol Empire vs Achaemenid Empire, Roman Empire and Gupta Empire

    The Mongol Empire is in 1235 A.D. under Ogedei Khan. The Achaemenid Empire is in 490 B.C. under Darius I. The Roman Empire is in 120 A.D. under Hadrian. The Gupta Empire is in 330 A.D. under Chandraupta I. Assuming they all somehow exist at the same time, if the Romans, Achaemenids, and...
  7. VHS

    Achaemenid Persian military under someone like Qi Jiguang and a better king

    Qi Jiguang was indeed a brilliant military mind; he was both a marital artist, designer, organizer, tactician, trainer, leader. Imagine Achaemenid Persian military was under everything by someone like Qi Jiguang, would Alexander the Great became Alexander the No So Great? What was amusing...
  8. JeanDukeofAlecon

    Crossguard on achaemenid sword

    While looking at some ancient greek pottery for an unrelated project, I noticed that a very clear and pronounced crossguard was shown on a sword used buy a Persian (don't know why I notice this stuff, I have crossguards on my mind apparently). The pottery is from 460bc and was painted by an...
  9. G

    What were the Achaemenid influences in the non Persian world

    They held the largest Persian empire. What were their cultural influences outside the Greater Iranian world?
  10. VHS

    What did it take to save the Achaemenid Empire?

    Militarily, the Achaemenid Empire might be weaker than any of the Warring States (which were the contemporaries of the Achaemenid Empire) but it probably wasn't beyond rescue even during Alexander's invasion. Let's see what factors will be necessary to save the Achaemenid Empire.
  11. S

    There never was an Achaemenid Empire!

    There never was an Achaemenid Empire! By Sabah DARA Kent, UK. March 2015 Content 1. Introduction 2. The so-called Achaemenid empire 3. Evidences disproving the existence of the Achaemenid Empire 4. Circumstances of...
  12. K

    Achaemenid Chronology

    I have compiled an almost comprehensive chronology of the Achaemenid dynasty and hopefully it will serve anyone interested in the period. It bears mentioning I have not included all events that took place under the Achaemenid umbrella, because of unintentional omission (minor details like the...
  13. K

    Achaemenid Chronology

    I have compiled an almost comprehensive chronology of the Achaemenid dynasty, and hopefully it will serve anyone interested in the period. It bears mentioning that I have not included all the events that took place under the Achaemenid umbrella, because of unintentional omission (minor details...
  14. K

    A Journey's End: the Death of Cyrus the Great

    Cyrus II (c.600 - 530 BCE -- r.559 - 530 BCE), founder of the Persian Achaemenid Empire, is arguably the most important figure in Iranian history. Kurosh, as Persian-speakers call him, has throughout the centuries been regarded by many as the ideal ruler. This universally favourable reputation...
  15. M

    Achaemenid Cavalry

    I have question on Achaemenid Cavalry. Were they pretty much Javelin armed cavalry with some horse archers? Or there some semi-Cataphracts armed with two handed lances like the cavalry of the later Parthians? How did these guys compared to Alexander's Companion cavalry? I believe Companions...
  16. Ajathashatru

    How did Achaemenid Empire Weaken in India??

    During the reign of Bimbisara(543 BCE - 493 BCE), It is said that he recieved an missionary from Takshashila. Afterwards, it fell to Darayavahush or Darius I of Achaemenid dynasty in around 519 BCE. Xerxes is said to have employed Indians in his Persian Invasion. Now we also know that by the...
  17. Ajathashatru

    Why Achaemenid Invasion of Indian Provices stopped?

    As we all know, Achaemenids under the leadership of Darius I hailed to Indus at around 519 BCE and Captured Indian Provinces including Gandhara, Kamboja and Taxila. These formed the 7th Gandhara Satrapy while some parts of Sauvira and Sindh formed the 20th Hindu Satrapy. Herodotus does writes...
  18. M

    Persian Army(Achaemenid) organization and tactics?

    How was the organization and tactics of the Persian army of the Achaemenid Empire? The Persian Empire I believe at its height was 50 million about the same as the later Roman Empire. So I highly doubt they could draw massive field armies like a million troops for a total army group.(invasion...
  19. Ahriman

    persian achaemenid reenactment...need help

    maybe you can help me. We plan a history event next year in sumemr and i plan to reenact a persian officer in the time of King Chaschayarscha. I would need realistic info about clothes, armor, weapons, hairstyle and so on and it should be as realistic as possible. I´m thankful for evry help.
  20. Salah

    Religion in Achaemenid Persia

    You never hear too much about this topic. Of course Zoroastrianism is the first thing that comes to mind, but did it influence political polices in the Empire, and was there any attempt to 'evangelize' conquered peoples? The Tanakh would suggest that Judaism was tolerated under the Persian...