1. SufiMystic

    The British never achieved anything of value in their entire history before 1500

    A recent visit to the museum got me thinking about British history. Walking through the ancient pre-Roman section, there was material about the distant past, the Pleistocene era and the Ice Age, which consisted mostly of a few animal bones as well as a few primitive artifacts of such as stone...
  2. Robert165

    have terrorist acts against civilian ever achieved their purpose

    Historically speaking have terrorist acts against civilians ever achieved their purpose? Has a stronger nation or stronger group ever quit their oppression or occupation of a smaller group simply due to bombings or killings of innocent civilians? EDIT: I am talking about the historical record...
  3. G

    Could the reconquista have been achieved in North Africa

    The former xtian lands of the Maghreb. Could any of the European powers have tried to recolonize this sphere of influence rather than go far west to the New World. I believe this was achievable and the world would have been a far better place if Islam went either further southward or was...
  4. Romanianboy2013

    Did the Latin American countries achieved independence too soon?

    I ask this because in 1810s and 1820s there was just a small elite in the spanish and portuguese colonies who were educated and "represented" the people. As for the simple people, they were mostly uneducated and I doubt they cared very much if they were under european empires or...
  5. Romanianboy2013

    Why Soviet Union renounced to send men to the moon after US achieved it?

    I saw a documentary that stated that the russian space program achieved early succeses thanks to Sergey Korolyov who was running the program. After he died in 1966 no one was capable to fill his shoes and that is why the americans got to the moon first. Why the Soviets renounced so fast to send...
  6. annelouise17

    RoryOMore has achieved his Gold Tag

    Congratulations to RoryOMore for his 2000th post. May you have many more.
  7. jeroenrottgering

    Which Royal House achieved the most prestige in the last 1000 years in Europe?

    House of Bernadotte - Currently reigns over the Kingdom of Sweden House of Bonaparte - The former Royal House of France House of Bourbon - Native country France, but now only reigns still in Spain House of Capet - The former Royal House of France House of Habsburg - Former Royal House of...
  8. jeroenrottgering

    What political figure achieved the most for Holland since the year 1600

    National Anthem of the Netherlands - YouTube - Maurice of Orange-Nassau - Frederick Henry - William III of Orange-Nassau - William I of the Netherlands - William II of the Netherlands - Wilhelmina - Johan the Witt - Johan of Oldenbarnevelt - Gijsbert Karel of Hogendorp - Willem...
  9. jeroenrottgering

    What political figure achieved the most for Prussia/Germany since the year 1600

    "Das Deutschlandlied" - Germany National Anthem German & English lyrics - YouTube - John Sigismund - Frederick William - Frederick II - William I - Bismarck - William II - Gustav Stresemann - Konrad Adenauer - Willy Brandt - Helmuth Kohl - Other
  10. jeroenrottgering

    What political figure achieved the most for Britain since the year 1600?

    British Anthem, God Save the Queen (with lyrics) - YouTube - William III of England - William Pitt the Younger - Victoria - William Melbourne - Benjamin Disraeli - George V - Winston Churchill - Margareth Thatcher - Tony Blair - Charles II - Other
  11. jeroenrottgering

    What political figure achieved the most for France since the year 1600

    La Marseillaise - YouTube - Henry IV - Louis XIV - Napoleon Bonaparte - Charles de Gaulle - Francois Mitterand - Napoleon III - Maximilian Robbespiere - Georges Danton - Armand de Richelieu - Jules Mazarin - Other
  12. R

    What was achieved by the Judiciary Act of 1789?

    What was achieved by the Judiciary Act of 1789? 1)The act gave the Supreme Court the right of "judicial review" 2)The act created a judicial structure that has remained essentially intact over the years 3)The act gave the president the right to veto major constitutional decisions made by the...
  13. Sharks and love

    Security achieved? Or Illusion of Security?

    "More than 100 people died in bombings across Iraq over the past three days. The attacks, which hit Baghdad and areas outside Mosul in the north on Friday and on Monday, are the biggest and the most serious since the withdrawal of US troops from Iraqi cities at the end of June. As the US...
  14. C

    Happiness is achieved through Meaning

    Happiness is achieved through Meaning I suspect that when parents are asked what are the most meaningful things in your life they will answer “My kids are the most meaningful things in my life”. A kid might say anything when asked the same question. It may be their car, their boy friend...