1. notgivenaway

    historia nobis - achievements of the Anglo-Saxons
  2. Maryannu

    History of Pakistani military achievements

    What is the reason for continued enslavement and lack of military success of Pakistanis in comparison to say South Indians like Marathas, Telugus, Kannadigas and Tamils? All these South Indian people built large empires in their time and also resisted Turks successfully for centuries...
  3. VHS

    Aztec achievements

    I know someone bashed Aztec civilization because of its human sacrifices, but it must have some achievements as a civilization. We lament the loss of species today (when the great auks and passenger pigeons went extinct, we mourned about the loss as well), so should we lament the death of a...
  4. R

    are the achievements of Newton and Einstein really that impressive?

    Can one argue that Isaac Newton and Albert Einstein only ELABORATED upon science with existing methods, that they didn't create science and that Ancient Africa, Egypt CREATED science and mathematics that seems more impressive than whatever Newton and Einstein did
  5. SirOrmondeWinter

    Which presidents achievements will be the most enduring?

    1. Washington-going to limit this to his achievements AFTER the revolution, enduring the growing pains of a new nation. 2. Nixon-went to China 3. JFK-sending men to the moon 4. Polk-the Oregon Treaty and California 5. Jefferson-the Louisiana purchase 6. Lincoln-freeing the...
  6. D

    11 greatest tactical achievements that changed the history of warfare

    Here is a list of, in my opinion, the 11 greatest tactical feats achieved in battlefield through the course of history, as of innovation and changes they brought to warfare. This list refers to pitched battles and larger operations, no siege warfare, guerrilla or counter-guerrilla warfare...
  7. Earl_of_Rochester

    Does the quality of a man matter more than his achievements?

    Nowadays people tend to be impressed by achievements more than anything else, but does that matter more than a person's quality and integrity?
  8. J

    What were King Henry II's achievements?

    I need to make a presentation on King Henry the second (of England)'s achievements/conquests during his reign. If you could give me some key points that would be great! Thank you in advance!!!
  9. X

    The outstanding achievements of Israel Imagine how much better off could the world be, had German socialists not killed 6 million potential Nobel laureates in WW2.
  10. jeroenrottgering

    Small countries with high achievements

    If we forgot big countries such as France, UK, USA, Russia for a while and focuss on the smaller countries what do we see? If you had to select a small group of countries and base them on their military, economical, cultural and political achievements compqred to their size and population, which...
  11. Grimald

    German Resistance to National Socialist Rule: Achievements and Shortcomings

    This thread is meant to deal with the achievements and shortcomings of the German resistance against National Socialist rule from 1933-1945. My hope is that we can discuss the issue at hand objectively, and not from a perspective blurred by national prejudice. Some questions we can discuss...
  12. F

    High on any list of human achievements..

    Since there are several threads about the "most important..." of many sorts, it is perhaps time for discussing some of the most important human achievements - inventions, innovations, artifacts, of all time. I think it is - at least - as great as anything of the last centuries, if not even more...
  13. T

    Achievements in British India

    Before the British arrived, India was not even India but a collection of 600+ war torn princely states ruled by Kings. Spices, Textiles and Precious stones formed the bulk of the economy with ancient infrastructure. Mughal dynasty was dying and it was only a matter of time before one of the...
  14. D

    Why is it that we dismiss the relevance and achievements of............

    ancient civilazations and cultures? Just how sure are we that we are living at the epitome of human civilization?
  15. J

    Ancient and Medieval achievements of the Indians

    Preface This is in response to Okamido's request for references and citations for Indian scientific, technological and philosophical achievements. I have attempted to compile as many direct references and citations I can, so this would prove a useful resource for historians to reference Indian...
  16. H

    Alexander the Great achievements

    Two questions I have on Alexander the Great and would be grateful for all inputs. 1- Why did Alexander wage war against Persia ? 2- what was his greatest achievement? I could think of Founding Alexandria city in Egypt which later became the greatest city or making the king of Persia fugitive...
  17. Ri Fhionngaill

    Military Achievements

    Is there any particular event in military history that strikes you are almost impossible to pull off, but was done successfully by the commander? Hannibal crossing the Alps? The routs of Lowland government forces in the '45? Saying something quotable whilst being hit by a cannonball?