1. M

    Advanced Allied Military Technology (Secret Weapons) in World War 2

    In World War 2 literature a lot of things were written , researched about superior German military technology or Secret Weapons like V-1 flying bombs , V-2 ballistic missiles , ME262 jet fighters and other jet engine propelled aircraft models , remote controlled tanks , hydrogen peroksite...
  2. Askiathegreat

    advanced black African societies

    you know not many people are aware of the advanced African societies like the kingdom of the Congo the west African forest kingdoms great Zimbabwe the Swahili coast the Sahelian empires etc even the Americas are given more civ attention than Africa many still believe racist old propaganda and...
  3. M

    1207 AD: Jin and Song China receive advanced technology

    (1207) Four years before the Mongol Invasion of the Jin Dynasty of China a Time-Traveller gives advance technology to the Chinese Specifically, he gives the Jin and Song Dynasties 18th-Century Muskets, Cannons and lots of papers regarding the metallurgy and manufacturing processes for the...
  4. Rex Hiemis

    Was ancient science and technology really so advanced?

    Was ancient science and technology so advanced? Most of the people claim people would go to the Moon earlier if there would be no Medieval Ages. What are your toughts?
  5. B

    Was Germany more advanced due to reforms?

    From what I understand, Germany had the most advanced educational system and the best military organization. It was also one the most advanced countries in terms of industry. It seems like in WWI and WWII it fought way better than any other country. Is this true, and were the above factors the...
  6. R

    Most technologically advanced society?

    Guys, what are the most technologically advanced countries today? I think at the top is US and Canada and following them are European Union and Japan. What do you guys think?
  7. lodestar

    Realistically, what WWII German advanced weapons had best chance to be game changing?

    Realistically, what WWII German secret/advanced weapons programme had the best chance of being a game-changer? Hello one and all.:) After about twelve or more years posting regularly on the old Armchair General magazine forum I'm on a sort of err ....ummm ....... short leave:o from that...
  8. R

    Heidelberg Man, more advanced than Neanderthal?

    Once upon a time, palaeontologists envisioned the evolution of man as a more or less vertical process: from lower to higher forms, the chronologically later types being more advanced. Yet what we know about Heidelberg Man seems to contradict this concept. Heidelberg Man, and several other...
  9. VHS

    What were the most advanced medieval civilizations

    Many would nominate the Song Dynasty; it developed the most advanced firearms of the time, had the most advanced and productive economy of the time, and it was the only power that could maintain a million strong standing army at that time frame. Due to the geopolitical disadvantages, the Song...
  10. Joe Freeman

    Which was more advanced, China or Japan?

    I'd like to know what country you think was more advanced before they became Westernized? That means before Meiji restoration, or even before both countries came in contact with Western powers in a significant way. I know that probably during some periods one country was more advanced than the...
  11. E

    Was Edo Japan more advanced than the rest of Asia ?

    Japan is one of the few countries that managed to avoid being colonized. After the meiji revolution, Japan also created a strong and modern army and became too a colonial empire. All of this is well known, but I'd like to know how advanced Japan already was before the Meiji revolution. Lately...
  12. grey fox

    Did egalitarianism cause the Greek city-states to become more affluent and advanced?

    Someone I know in meatspace recently told me about the book The Rise and Fall of Classical Greece (Henceforth, I will call the book Rise and Fall for brevity.). It's my understanding that the thesis of this book is that the Greek city-states were more egalitarian than most ancient societies, and...
  13. Lawnmowerman

    How far advanced where the British Technologicaly over the Indians in 1757-1858

    Well. I don't know??? They seem to be on reasonably comparable technological levels.
  14. J

    Why was Austria-Hungary much more advanced & richer than its actual opponents in WW1?

    Why was Austria-Hungary much more advanced & richer than its actual opponents in WW1? Why was Austria-Hungary more advanced (economically infrastructurally) richer and shockingly better industrialized than its actual opponents in WW1? References are in the text...
  15. R

    what was the reason that germany was the most advanced country

    at the time of ww2... scientifically, technologically, military etc. you would think UK would be the dominating those fields but no
  16. Darren Singh

    Why did Alexander advanced eastward instead of West?

    Why did Alexander the Great advanced through the Middle East and Indian subcontinent in the east instead of invading Europe in the west
  17. P

    WESTERN EUROPE: Advanced by 1500???

    DO you agree with the thesis that western Europe was advanced (or whatever) by 1500? A few seem to believe that Asia won the middle ages (right up until Constantinople fell) and that Asia was not fundementally superseded until the 18th century. There are statistics all over the place here...
  18. D

    Sikh Empire education system more advanced than British India?

    When the ?Wild? proved more educated | Sikh Philosophy Network Urdu-isation of Punjab - The Express Tribune British Scholar in 1881, "Punjab Most Educated Place in World During Sikh Empire"Daily Sikh Updates
  19. G

    Would Greece have been more advanced now if it had won Constantinople

    What if Greece won Constantinople and all the regions between modern Greece today and Constantinople. Do you think Greece would have been a far more developed and evolved nation today?
  20. H

    Advanced civilization in Africa?

    Were there any advanced civilizations in Africa besides Egypt, and if so, which ones were they? By "advanced" i mean advanced on the same level as Rome, Egypt, or Greece-I understand that Africa had societies back then and does now, and contrary to racist stereotypes, it wasnt not all hunter...