1. Pessimist Crow

    The psychological advantages of armor

    I’m not sure if this thread needs to be in speculative history, but I think this topic needs references to historical circumstances to be answered. Will armour be able to give a line of heavy infrantry men (A) the psychological push to aid them to wave through the pikes of an opposing of...
  2. Visigoth Panzer

    Advantages of the Panzer IV

    The Panzer IV was the most produced and used tank by the germans during WW2, it was planned to be replaced by Panthers and tigers but never was due to the cost. What advantages did the Panzer IV have over the newer tigers and panthers? It was cheaper, more reliable, smaller, anything else?
  3. Old Spartan Veteran

    Advantages of reviving ethnic polytheism in Europe

    The European Congress of Ethnic Religions (ECER) was established in 1998. Since Christianity has been declining lately and atheism rising with several undesirable (or at least precarious) consequences in European societies, there are many advantages in reviving ethnic polytheism (indigenous...
  4. Visigoth Panzer

    Advantages of Crossbows vs English Longbows

    What are the advantages of the crossbow vs English Longbow during the Hundred Years War? Obviously the longbow could fire faster and was capable of indirect fire, while the crossbow was better a direct fire.
  5. tomar

    Advantages of being a country ?

    As opposed to being a "region" or a "state" within a more powerful country. Who wins ? who loses ? Why are regions (scots, catalans, corsicans to name just a few in Europe - but there are dozens such around the world) considering independence ? Note: the question assumes that the citizens of...
  6. Andronikos

    Advantages of city-states over other political systems?

    Ever since the gradual settlement of people during the Neolithic Age, political systems seem to have advanced from simple to complex. These are arranged, according to history, as follows. Temporary settlement --> Village --> Town ( or confederacy of villages)--> City-State --> Confederacy of...
  7. tomar

    What are the downsides and advantages of disbanding the EU ?

    Imagine that tomorrow, the EU decides to disband What are the factual downsides ? What are the factual advantages ? Note: they may vary for different countries
  8. O

    What types of gladiators had advantages over what types?

    I've heard that records of Roman gladiators show that certain types of gladiators (with certain armaments) would usually win over other types like some kind of human pokemon matchup.
  9. No Bias FTW

    Advantages of Early Rockets Vs Cannons

    Nowadays, rockets/guided missiles are better than gun artilleries in terms of instant payload. Gun Artilleries, on the other hand, are much cheaper to operate and are best used for sustained firing. I can see why these two different technologies coexist. But what about during medieval times...
  10. Jake10

    Are there advantages to being shy?

    Some shy animals seem to remember better, and this research shows that shyness can help humans in areas such as art. So, should we be trying to make timid children more bold? Survival of the shyest: Timidity's surprising benefits - life - 24 April 2013 - New Scientist
  11. larkin

    What are the advantages or dangers of a racially pure society..?

    Prompted by Jake10's query, What are the advantages and Disadvantages of Mixed Race People. I have turned his question on it's head.. What are the advantages or dangers of a racially pure society..? I suspect that the advantages are few and the dangers many which may account to aggressive...
  12. Jake10

    Advantages and Disadvantages of Mixed Race People

    What are they? I'm primarily referring to social, but we can also look at other aspects as well. The theories of biological advantages in terms of mixing genes which results in better immunity should be considered, but depending on the country where mixed people are born, how hard is it for them...
  13. H

    Horses and Crossbows - Teutonic Advantages

    Hey, this article called Horses and Crossbows: Two Important Warfare Advantages of the Teutonic Knight in Prussia. It is written by Sven Ekdahl, and was previously online at deremilitari. I had copied it and saved it on my computer, but somehow managed to delete it. I went back to the page...
  14. H

    Horses and Crossbows: Two Important Warfare Advantages of the Teutonic Order

    This article by Sven Ekdahl has been on deremilitari for a long time now, but suddenly it was gone. I had saved it on my computer, but somehow I accidentally deleted it. There are not anyone here who has it, and could PM the article to me, or just post it here, is there? Thank you really much...
  15. EpicHistory360

    The United States' unfair advantages in comparison to other nations?

    Hey folks; I'm back back from a "hibernation," so to speak. Anyways, Many people I know proclaim the US as being the greatest nation of all time, and on Historum there was recently a thread about it: Even...
  16. F

    Advantages of Small/Bis political entities

    Since there is many out advocating larger political "entities" like the EU, we could give a more general discussion of small or big "entities some thoughts. History offers countless of examples of small entities merging to larger ones - and of the opposite, states or empires divided to smaller...
  17. Jake10

    Advantages and disadvantages of the feudal system

    In theory, what appears to have been a win, win situation was motive for wars with sons challenging fathers, younger brothers going to war with older ones... Yet the feudal system prevailed. What were the advantages and disadvantages of the system?
  18. K

    What is the advantages of your religion?

    Why have you choosed the religion you belong to? What advantages does it have compared with other religions? Could you think yourself changing your religion to another? Or could you even think yourself abandoning religion completely and perhaps become an atheist?
  19. R

    Advantages of self-deception

    I just came across this very weird article. It's not long but is quite striking, in the sense that it represents a point of view so antithetical to mine that I HAD to ponder on it, and share it with others to see what they think. Though it primarily relates to close relationships (more...