1. morayloon

    Is MI5 interfering in Scottish affairs?

    Are the Alex Salmond sex misconduct accusations all that they seem? Salmond has been accused of impropriety. The Complaints process was supposed to be confidential but details were leaked to the Daily Record. Salmond's view is that the procedure is loaded against the accused who are unable to...
  2. Offspring

    Why did Napoleon III pick Drouyn as his as Minister of Foreign Affairs in 1862?

    I'm asking because the two of them had different opinions on many foreign policy issues, especially regarding Austria.
  3. 2

    Career Guidance I want to work in international affairs/diplomacy, but I don't exactly know how

    My background: · Spanish citizen (Spanish nationality). · 35+ years old. · 6+ years working as a freelance translator (English, French and German) with several certifications (C2 in French, C2 in German, CPE in English, legal translator for the Spanish Ministry of Foreign Affairs, etc) · French...
  4. Jake10

    Love Affairs that Affected History

    Seeing the way Prince Edward gave up his throne for a married American woman (Wallis Simpson) and the scandal it created made me wonder if there have been other love affairs that shocked nations?
  5. R

    House Foreign Affairs Committee, Historical Membership

    Despite my best efforts, I can't find who chaired the house foreign affairs committee during WWII.
  6. Axel

    John Adams: Independence and Foreign Affairs

    There has already been a thread “John Adams” but that thread was mainly about sources to read about John Adams and discussion of the feud between Hamilton and Adams and ended with clips from the HBO movie “John Adams” on the independence debate. I thought John Adams...
  7. R

    Do you think that the us is getting too involved with the affairs of other countries?

    What is your opinion? Lets have a debate. I think yes but I will provide my support later b/c I have to go now Edit:throughout us history to now
  8. Brisieis

    Affairs of the Heart in History

    Since we can ever remember, in history, and still in some societies today, couples were married off for reasons other than love. Whether this be for title, position, money, or just simply the fact that your parents decided and you had no say in the matter. Generally in much of history (though I...
  9. W

    Do what extent do the Norman descendants still dictate European affairs?

    I admit that it's a bit ridiculous to demand that everyone with Norman ancestry, or even the elites, be kicked out of England as was suggested in the following thread The Norman influence on European...
  10. Patito de Hule

    Best books of 2011 - Foreign Affairs

    Foreign Affairs has just published their annual list of the 10 best books of the year. I rather like this one: Bloodlands: Europe Between Hitler and Stalin (9780465002399): Timothy Snyder: Books@@AMEPARAM@@