1. Darth Raidius

    No western involvement in the Soviet-Afghan war

    What if, during the Soviet-Afghan war of 1979-1989, the United States and other involved western countries were led by sane leaders that staunchly refused to support the Afghan Mujahideen? How differently would the Soviets fare in Afghanistan? And should the Soviets emerge victorious, how would...
  2. Myachiguy11

    The war in Iraq and Afghanistan

    In Vietnam, commanders measured success by number of enemy casualties. I was wondering how the U.S government measured success in the middle east? I doubt it was by number of enemy killed, but it also wouldn't of been by ground taken
  3. Futurist

    If the U.S. is on the verge of losing in Afghanistan, should it try partitioning it?

    As you know, the U.S. has been fighting a war in Afghanistan against the Taliban for the last 16.5 years. We officially got into Afghanistan in order to eliminate the safe haven that the Taliban provided to al-Qaeda, but another large part of our mission in Afghanistan was to modernize the...
  4. Dreamhunter

    Was the Ramayana actually set in and around today’s Afghanistan?

    Was the Ramayana actually set in and around today’s Afghanistan? An examination of a book by physicist Rajesh Kochhar debunks the notion that the events of the epic took place in modern-day India. Was the Ramayana actually set in and around today?s Afghanistan? Fact, or fable? Over to...
  5. larkin

    Dancing boys of Afghanistan

    Dancing boys of Afghanistan 6 or 9 month ago a story swept the mainstream media with an expose about boys dressing as girls and then entertaining men with the possibility of sexual encounters. What is your take on this story? This not an encouragement for anything remotely explicit. It...
  6. A

    was Gilgit and baltistan part of Afghanistan before Dogras annexed it ?

    Both Gilgit and baltistan Hve their own local ethinic groups who are similar to other Dardoc groups of Eastern Afghanistan/Khyber region such as nooristani, Chatraili, Kalasha etc and have different origin from Indo-Aryan(with minor Dardic influence) Kashmiris. The region is also right next to...
  7. C

    Brahmins of Pakistan and Afghanistan

    Namaskar, why i was reading a book on Islamization of Afghanistan and Pakistan i started wondering about Brahmins who used to dwell in those lands. i know that there were some Brahmin kings in Kabul and Hindu temples in Eastern Afghanistan so i know that there was a sizable Brahmin community...
  8. Jake10

    What were the main reasons behind the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan?

    The Soviet Union invested heavily into this despite knowing the risks. Why?
  9. A

    Daesh in Afghanistan

    Has anyone got much information as to the extent Daesh have penetrated Afghanistan? I've read a little that suggests their influence is growing but haven't seen many sources I would consider authoritative. Geopolitically a more outward looking radical salafist influence in that part of the...
  10. Azad67

    Medieval Afghanistan extended up to Sukkur of Sindh

    Medieval Afghanistan extended up to Sukkur of Sindh
  11. Druzhina

    Silver Bowl with seated ruler, from Iran or Afghanistan, 11C

    I first saw this Silver Bowl with seated ruler and attendants, from Iran or Afghanistan (Ghaznavid?), 11th century, State Hermitage Museum inv. S-499, St. Petersburg in a research paper, then found it on the museum's digital site. It wasn't referred to in the paper. Does anyone known...
  12. V

    Mongoloid Mughals descendants in Afghanistan

    I had onced talked with the Uzbeks of Afghanistan, they said all their ancestors had been living there since the 16th century, some came from the 17th century. They make up 2 million of the population in Afghanistan. The Uzbeks in Uzbekistan who had absorbed million of Persian,Tajiks slaves...
  13. T

    How was Afghanistan really converted to Islam?

    Some say Arabs converted the area of Afghanistan to Islam, some make the Saffarids, Samanids and Ghaznavids responsible for the conversion of Afghanistan Are they're actually any pre-Islamic cultural habits among Afghans? It's seems to me that they completely eradicated their Buddhist past
  14. VHS

    Has Afghanistan a future?

    I know I put a thread about Afghanistan and Cambodia, but Afghanistan is definitely more problematic than Cambodia. Cambodia is somehow on the right track in spite of the authoritarian rule of Hun Sen. Malala Yousafzai is probably right about education, but should we ask why radicalization...
  15. VHS

    Afghanistan and Cambodia: The Way They Really Were/Are

    Glorifying the past doesn't make the picture better. Let's use the 1960 figure: Afghanistan, $56 (which translates to $448.41 in 2015)and Cambodia, $117 (which translates to $936.86 in 2015). $1000 per capita in 1960 often meant fairly high income country. Although $1000 is the bare minimum...
  16. M

    Pakistans involvement in Afghanistan

    On 25. December 1979 Soviet forces entered Afghanistan in order to support the communist government in the country which was under threat by islamic insurgents. The communist regime lasted until the Najibullah regime was overthrown in 1992. After the fall of communism in Afghanistan, the country...
  17. A

    Indian consulate in Majar-e-Sharif,Afghanistan, attacked.Gunfight still on.

    Indian consulate in Afghan city Mazar-i-Sharif attacked, militants try to enter compound: Official - Times of India This is second attack in two days on India conducted by Pakistani Jihadis. First one started on night of January 1/2 and has just ended an hour ago.
  18. AfghanistanBactriaAriana

    Is Afghanistan Central or South Asian?

    Id say Central Asian but more precisely Southern Central Asian. Overall id say the Central Asian nations would be Kazakhstan Uzbekistan Turkmenistan Kyrgyzstan Tajikistan Afghanistan Maybe? Khyber Pakhtunkhwa/FATA Iran (dont know why its counted as Middle Eastern).
  19. TomarRajput

    Arabs in Afghanistan

    The national anthem of Afghanistan mentions Arabs as one of the groups to inhabit it but are they referring to Arabs who came to fight in the Mujhahideen or is there a older population of Arabs who still retain a distinct identity? Is this Arab population similar to the one in Iran's Khuzestan...
  20. Futurist

    If Afghanistan ever joins the Eurasian Union, then should Pakistan also join it?

    Any thoughts on this? As for me, I voted Yes. After all, if Russia will give up its imperial dreams, then the Eurasian Union can probably become quite a productive economic union. :) Plus, it's not like Pakistan would have any other available economic unions to join; after all, the European...