1. AfghanistanBactriaAriana

    Ariana (Ancient Afghanistan)

    I think every Afghan knows that the old name of Afghanistan was Ariana. The country extended from the Indus all the way to Eastern Iran, so it roughly the size of modern day Afghanistan. It was also a separate nation from India and Persia. So does anyone know anything else about the history of...
  2. N

    US-Afghanistan war

    I wish there were more stories and vids of this war and the overall history esp in then Badakhshan region basically the land bridge into the china border my question is I wonder if any amercian troops entered this region that would of been weird seeing amercian troops interacting with the...
  3. Futurist

    Afghanistan Enters World War I on the Side of the Central Powers?

    It appears that there was a serious attempt to get Afghanistan to enter World War I on the side of the Central Powers: Based on what it states in that article, Emir Habibullah supported Afghanistan neutrality while both of his...
  4. Futurist

    What if Iran Invades Afghanistan in 1998?

    If this thread needs to be locked, then please lock it. Anyway, though, what if Iran would have invaded Afghanistan in 1998 in response to this event? : Any thoughts on this?
  5. Futurist

    What should the U.S. have done in Afghanistan after 9/11?

    Since we have a thread about the Iraq War, I might as well ask this question as well: If you were U.S. President after 9/11 and beyond, how exactly would you have dealt with Afghanistan? Thoughts on this?
  6. Azad67

    Did Sikhs conquer Afghanistan?

    My analysis and answer to the frequently asked question History of Pashtuns : Did Sikhs conquer Afghanistan?
  7. ErenTheAlbanian

    Is Afghanistan "Impossible" to Conquer?

    So many have tried and failed. Do you guys think that it is impossible to conquer or at least very hard (due to the amount of great warriors from the ancient times and world powers of the modern era that have tried and failed to conquer it). Let me know your thoughts. -ErenTheAlbanian
  8. M

    US in Vietnam war vs Soviet Afghan war vs. US in Afghanistan: Who did better?

    Which war did the Superpowers do better? Their performance and how tough the enemy is taken in consideration.
  9. Futurist

    The future of Iraq and Afghanistan?

    What exactly do you think the future of Iraq and Afghanistan will look like, in both the short-term and in the long(er)-term? Thoughts on this?
  10. MarshallBudyonny

    Has the war in Afghanistan been more successful than the Soviet invasion?

    With the war in Afghanistan now "officially over" and with the majority of NATO troops having withdrawn from the territory of Afghanistan it's time to analyse how much more successful (if at all) the West's war has been in comparison with the Soviet war. There are many ways to analyse the...
  11. attila006

    Afghanistan Combat Video

    Attached is the Dan Rather report on a small outpost in Afghanistan, Bari Alai, which was overrun by 100-200 Taliban in May 2009, and later subject to heavy attack. Its a good video for those that want to learn more about modern combat in Afghanistan. Watch Dan Rather Reports, "What Really...
  12. G

    What happened to Indian slaves sold in Central Asia and Afghanistan

    Its said that Ghazni, Timur, Ghori and many of the other Turkic central asians who attacked India;took slaves especially women and children back to their homelands and sold them off. What happened to such people. Is there any Indian origin population in these areas that survives today?
  13. G

    What was the economic/financial impact of looting the Indian riches on Afghanistan

    Ghori, Ghazni,Najib and Abdalli all looted the riches from India and took the wealth back to their homeland. Did this bring any tangible economic development and prosperity to their nations. Are their records in that show any rise in prosperity of the Afghans after these invasions?
  14. C

    Best books about the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan

    What are the best books about the Soviet war in Afghanistan from 1979 to 89? Specifically books that aren't too dry and also focus on the American supported Afghani Mujahedeen that fought against the Soviets.
  15. Druzhina

    Ghurid soldiers on the Bobrinski Bucket, Afghanistan, 1163 AD

    There aren't many contemporary illustrations of Ghurid soldiers. The Bobrinski Bucket, Herat, Ghurid Afghanistan, 1163 AD is one contemporary source. Does anyone have images of the figures on this? MIRROR SITE The Bobrinski Bucket, Herat, Ghurid Afghanistan, 1163 AD Druzhina 12th Century...
  16. C

    Limited Contingent Soviet Troops in Afghanistan

    Any additions or mistakes are welcome. Enjoy the following. Limited Contingent Soviet Troops in Afghanistan - OKSVA 40th Combined Arms Army (16 December 1979 to 15 February 1989) Kabul, People's Democratic Party of Afghanistan General-Lieutenant Tukharinov,Yu. (12/1979-09/1980)...
  17. M

    afghanistan conquered many times

    I love how the news media twist facts around and cherry pick facts to dramatize the news to get more ratings one is Afghanistan has not bin taken over Afghanistan was created in the 1700's mid 1700's before that anyone who invaded that region had succeeded in conquering it and no one...
  18. Azad67

    Afghanistan against Qing China

    History of Pashtuns: Ahmad Shah Durrani against Qing China
  19. M

    Arabic words in Dari language

    What percentage of the Dari language has Arabic words? I believe that the Farsi language (befouled version of Dari language) has over 40% or 50% Arabic words plus some Turkic and Mongolian words too - but the Dari language has far less - but what percentage? About the Farsi language (spoken in...
  20. B

    Why did the Soviet Union invade Afghanistan?

    I don't see the point in it. It seems like the Afghans were willing to accept Soviet hegemony, but were not willing to become a Communist state. They had a long tradition of resisting foreign rule. Plus Communist economic theory and ideology didn't make much sense in a tribal society. Plus...