1. J

    Quick summary of African architectures

    Quick summary of African architecture, with global comparative comments In West Africa, we mostly see a lot of mud constructions, like those : Contrary to earth based constructions in the rest of the world, the constructions of West Africa tend to lack proper stone foundations, timber...
  2. M

    The longest lasting middle eastern and African dynasties.

    What were the longest lasting dynasties in the Middle East and Africa? If part of a dynasty's length was legendary, when was the division between the legendary and the historical periods of the dynasty? If answering, be sure to distinguish between the length of time a dynasty lasted as a...
  3. M

    African masks

    Hi everyone, I hope someone can help me. My friend found these masks and someone told her that they are very old and valuable. Can anyone here knows something more about these masks, from what tribe they are, in what purposes they were used and are they original, if you can tell that only based...
  4. RidiculousName

    Abolitionists Views of African Americans

    Sometimes I wonder whether abolitionists considered black people to be entirely equal to themselves, or merely undeserving of slavery. Were there abolitionists who advocated for slavery as long as that slavery was kept within whatever bounds they felt were humane? How widely known was the...
  5. RidiculousName

    YouTube and African History

    A lot of crazy views about Africa are expressed on YouTube. I think I know the least about Africa than I do any other continent. So, I am curious if anyone here can recommend a good channel for learning about African History on YouTube.
  6. RidiculousName

    What did the Nazis Think of African Jews?

    Judaism has a long history in Africa. I am curious what the Nazi's thought, if anything, about black African Jews and Judaism.
  7. trhowd

    Aben Ali - African healer

    Where can I have more information and sources on Aben Ali? He was apparently an eunuch from Gao, with renowned medical skills.
  8. Naima

    Totally Original African Architecture

    I am wondering if there are samples of Uninfluenced from Western or Arab or else Original African Architecture that could also share light on how or what would be like a possible architecture if it was never influenced by external civilizations ... sort of like what happened with Meso and South...
  9. CarlKush

    ANCIENT African History

    Hello, I`m Carl Kush, new here :) I thought I would kick things off by creating a new thread. I aim too collect (decent) sources on aaaancient African history, basically from the area of southernmost tip of Africa (Cape and Natal), which according to Herodotus was inhabited by the so-called...
  10. VHS

    What led to the current African poverty?

    Except a few spots of prosperity, much of Africa is behind the rest in Human Development Index other socioeconomic indicators. "Blame the colonizers" sounds simplistic; if history is as simple as typical alternative history, we would not have that much debate about history. Ethiopia is never...
  11. Naima

    Responsibility for Slave trade is African?

    The whole world is always blaming the west for the slave trade by major european powers like England , holland, France , Spain and Portugal, for creeating the slave trade. But nothing is told of the responsibility of the very same Africans and the role that they had in the slave trade Slave...
  12. NordicDemosthenes

    Situation of White South African farmers

    This might just ignite a flame war, but hey, why not. What does the members of historum think about the currently very insecure situation for white South African farmers, and statements by the South African government to take their land without compensation? Debate :cool:
  13. M

    Nubian Stone Tablets Unearthed in African 'City of the Dead' Nubian Stone Tablets Unearthed in African 'City of the Dead' A huge cache of stone inscriptions from one of Africa's oldest written languages have been unearthed in a vast "city of the dead" in Sudan. The...
  14. S

    How would you respond to these ignorant claims about African history and bad culture?

    So some moron recently told me this on Trump's shithole comments, his reason why he thinks they are shitholes is due to culture: "The truth is, neither is a positive thing to say, but I think what Trump was getting at is that these countries are unstable and have some bad cultural aspects but...
  15. Voltaires Hat

    Good sources on contemporary African politics, history, culture?

    Last year I subscribed to the American Publication 'Foreign Affairs' which often includes a sprinkling of articles on African politics and history. The articles that I've read in it so far are quite fascinating, and so I'm hoping to find other good sources of contemporary African history...
  16. Askiathegreat

    advanced black African societies

    you know not many people are aware of the advanced African societies like the kingdom of the Congo the west African forest kingdoms great Zimbabwe the Swahili coast the Sahelian empires etc even the Americas are given more civ attention than Africa many still believe racist old propaganda and...
  17. Millennium

    How were African slaves sold once they reached the Americas?

    The popular image of the slave trade in America is that upon arrival, African captives were quickly prepared on shore, made to appear healthy, & then auctioned together, & usually end up as the only African in their slave communities. How accurate is this image? Upon arrival, were African...
  18. trhowd

    African civilization and Arabs

    Hello, a lot of racist use this image on 4chan : Can someone debunk it? Usually I say this is normal as civilization usually do trades, and that we can do the same thing with West Europe.
  19. Gaius Julius Civilis

    Cape Colony remains Dutch

    The British occupied the Cape Colony from 1795-1803, when it was returned to the Batavian Republic. It was occupied again in 1806 and subsequently became a British colony after the Dutch government ceded it in 1914. With British rule came territorial expansion, centralization of power and...
  20. notgivenaway

    Future Africa (in the next hundred years)

    I feel this may happen: Nigeria splits into a Yoruba/Igbo south and a Muslim north. This may be a settlement to contain Boko Haram, and the surrounding Christian countries may form a defensive alliance should northern Nigeria seek to invade. With the re-emergence of slavery in Libya and other...