1. Ranefer

    What can Egypt do to destroy Afrocentrism?

    There is nothing more laughable than Afrocentrism. Its an insult and disgrace for the egyptian people. There was actually a TV show about it in our TV and tehy say the big problem is, that african americans lack heritage. Tehy dont know where tehy come from and have no roots. Thats the base on...
  2. A Vietnamese

    Why is afrocentrism a thing?

    Why do people bother to craft obviously false proofs and use stupid, full of holes arguments to distort and destroy history and promote black history? Is it because the kind of people who buy them are not any smarter to realize what is right and what is wrong? Why most of Africa-Americans are...
  3. thetruth27

    Afrocentrism & Eurocentrism Exposed in here

    Mansamusa, Son of Ra, Jari and Ashante! are all pro-Afrocentrist! their opinions are biased! Cachi is well known Eurocentrist, thats why he always, is in back and forward debate with Afrocentrist! We the rest are students of history, but there is battle going on in here! We have to...
  4. Thessalonian

    Books that refute Afrocentrism

    Has anyone read those books or similar? Any review?
  5. Chrysoloras

    Afrocentrism and conspiratorial thinking

    An interesting excerpt regarding the effects of Afrocentrism on the propensity for conspiratorial thinking. Paul M. Sniderman, Thomas Leonard Piazza Black pride and black prejudice Princeton University Press, 2002, p. 57-58. If this reasoning Is right, education has conflicting effects...