1. Imperia

    The ages of history

    The old age began with the inversion of writing, the Middle Ages began with the fall of Rome, the modern age with the fall of Constantinople and the contemporary age with the fall of the Bastille. I wonder how these events are so important to usher in new ages? What events besides these could...
  2. T

    Trying to identify the rough age of this photo.

    I recently came across a beautiful old photo of an ancestor of mine. However, it was in two pieces, so using photoshop, I did a very basic rough patch job. Anyway, it is a photo of a man in what is most likely Germany. I've looked around the internet, but haven't come across something like...
  3. I

    Melting ice reveals iron and bronze age artifacts

    Hi, I've just read an article where in Oppland, Norway the melting ice revealed 153 new finds. The article
  4. T

    Anybody here who would have wanted to live during the Age of Sail?

    Anybody here who would have wanted to live during the Age of Sail?
  5. R

    End of Medieval Age

    I've already read some different opinions on when we should consider the very end of Medieval Age. Although we usually say 1453, I'd like to know wether some of you consider the other dates more ou equally important, -some of - those being : Major events : - 1453: Fall of the Byzantines /...
  6. Kiki19

    Aisha bint Abu Bakr

    In the thread: the topic has veered to question of the Prophet's disputed favorite wife: Aisha. There is much controversy surrounding the age at which she was engaged and the age at which the marriage was consummated. Most sources...
  7. T

    Sweden's culture in the Modern Age.

    I'm having problems getting any information about Sweden's culture in the Modern Age (16th - late 19th century). Do you know a webpage where I could find some info or could you share some? I've been trying my library and Google for days, can't find anything to write about.
  8. duccen

    How old is the bow and arrow?

    Straightforward question.