1. Visigoth Panzer

    How Were German Army Camps in the Middle Ages Defended

    Before Wagenburg tactics were copied, how did German armies in the middle ages defend their camps when not in battle?
  2. J

    When did Herodotus and Thucydides become available in Middle Ages?

    Does anyone know when Herodotus and Thucydides become available in the Middle Ages?
  3. Dose

    During the Dark Ages did people carry swords frequently?

    Were swords only brandished by certain classes? Was it expensive to purchase a sword? Were swordfighting skills something only knights and nobles honed?
  4. Visigoth Panzer

    Muslim Mercenaries in Europe during Middle Ages

    How often were Muslim mercenaries used in non-muslim European states during the later middle ages (1000-1600 A.D.)? Did they have their own mercenary groups or were they individually recruited by their employers?
  5. Kirialax

    Crossing the Alps in the Middle Ages

    In ancient history, Hannibal's crossing of the Alps with his elephants is regarded as a great feat. Yet during the middle ages, armies regularly traversed the Alps, particularly from the German lands. The Brenner Pass seems like an obvious choke-point for keeping the German emperors out,but it...
  6. Engelkrieger

    Islam is the primary reason why Europe fell into the Dark Ages

    Lots of people, unfortunetly many who are on the Right, seem to make an unwise comparison between refugees and the Germanic Migration period and someow place a moral blame on the Germanics for "destroying Europe". There are also a few memes about htis about how Germans are somehow at fault for...
  7. Visigoth Panzer

    Comparison of Steel in Ancient/Middle Ages

    How did the quality of steel weapons/armor compare during ancient/middle ages time? By which I mean how did Assyrian steel compare to its neighbors? How did Greek steel compare to Persian? How did Roman steel compare to Persian and Germanic? How did Viking steel compare to Byzantine? How...
  8. E

    Favorite Children's Books Set in the Middle Ages

    What are your favorite books for Children set in the middle ages (fiction, non-fiction, whatever...picture books and chapter books).
  9. Ardiaei

    "Swiss Historian: Albanians World Leaders since the Middle Ages, Europe deliberately

    "Swiss Historian: Albanians World Leaders since the Middle Ages, Europe deliberately left them Aside." Swiss Historian: Albanians World Leaders since the Middle Ages, Europe Deliberately left them Aside - Oculus News Dr. Alexandre Lambert, historian, academic director of the "School of...
  10. G

    What impact did St. Augustine of Hippo have on the Middle Ages?

    Why was St. Augustine such an important figure in the Middle Ages? Would highly appreciate some good sources and your opinions. Thank you.
  11. Linschoten

    Did people walk differently in the Middle Ages?

    An interesting video which explains why that seems to have been the case: EszwYNvvCjQ
  12. Jake10

    How did women in the Middle Ages deal with their menstrual cycles?

    What did they do about the blood? Did they even wear underwear? Did they wash more when they had their cycles?
  13. Polynikes

    What are the best books on ERE/Byzantine military throughout the ages?

    I just bought this, any thoughts?
  14. C

    Brothers-Sister relathionships in Middle Ages

    This may be a strange and utterly useless topic but i wonder, nowadays relathionships between siblings with different gender if often healthy and loving, but back then in the Middle Ages things were different. Men had almost all the power to dispose and were often considered better than women...
  15. T

    Tattoos and piercings in the middle ages?

    Hey guys, Ive been having an issue with finding sources for tattoos and piercings in the middle ages... That is, if they existed, how widespread they were if they did, etc. Theres a decent amount of stuff covering antiquity, hell, even the bible mentions them, but then things seem to go quiet...
  16. Menshevik

    Jewish literacy rates throughout the ages

    Did Jewish communities have a higher degree of literacy than their neighbors? I'm not referring to any specific time period. For example, if the majority of people in the ancient world were illiterate, is there any reason to think the Jews of the time were less so(more literate)?
  17. M

    What was Racism Like During the Middle Ages?

    I watched the remade version of Beauty and The Beast and there were a lot of black characters in both the village and castle. At first, I thought that was absurd, but I thought about it and it could have been possible considering Europeans hadn't colonized the Americas, and Asia yet. Giving them...
  18. tomar

    Crime and Personal Safety Through the Ages

    Lets put aside times of war (including civil war) Are there any studies on crime levels through the ages or at least anecdotal evidence ? Were ancient societies safer ? Or were crime levels higher than today ? How did they compare with each other (for example ancient Rome with ancient Greece...
  19. A

    Without India, Would Europe Still Be in the Dark Ages

    This is a very interesting explanation of Britain's early corporate raiding practices but that is not what interest me at the moment. Sorry the link doesn't match the subject of the thread, but it appears the information I want is not on the internet...
  20. A

    Without India, would the west have stayed in the dark ages?

    Whoops, having a difficult time with my connection and posted thread twice. I hope a mod can delete this thread.