1. Kookaburra Jack

    Dark Emu: Precolonial Australian native society - agricultural or hunter-gatherer? ‘Dark Emu injects a profound authenticity into the conversation about how we Australians understand our continent ... [It is] essential reading for anyone who wants to understand what Australia once was, or what it might...
  2. plant

    move from h/g societies to agricultural societies.

    I’ve been reding about the move from h/g to settled agriculture.... i’m wondering where nomadic pastoralism fits in? Did goatherds and shepherds come before farmers? when did ‘nomadic pastoralists’ become settled alongside farmers? also. why weren’t there settled communities based on...
  3. R

    Industrial output vs agricultural output during the Great Depression

    During the Great Depression industrial prices dropped by one third and the industrial output dropped by one half. On the other hand agricultural prices dropped by one half and the agricultural output remained constant(correct me if I am wrong). Why was that?
  4. Balian

    The Agricultural Revolution vs The Industrial Revolution

    Which of these to revolutions would you say had the biggest impact in human development `? Maybe development is the wrong word to use. But that is the word i am using.
  5. B

    Wars over agricultural shooting incidents

    This was discussed somewhat under names for wars. There were at least two wars or close to wars in North America started over incidents like that. The Peach War in 1655 started when a Dutchman in New Jersey shot and killed a native American woman picking peaches from his trees. Presumably the...
  6. Fabius Maximus

    No Agricultural Revolution

    What would the world look like if the Agricultural Revolution never happened? In particular, would anything approaching our world's Industrial Revolution have been possible?
  7. Z

    Why wasn't there slavery in the Northern agricultural states?

    Whew...I didn't know if my long title would be small enough! I have two questions. 1.) Why didn't any "Northern State" have slavery? I have family in Iowa and have been in that state as a child and it is basically farmland with towns cut between the corn. Why weren't slaves used in Iowa to, I...
  8. Y

    agricultural development in Anglo countries and Argentina

    1) Was wheat farming assisted by the government in the US less than in Canada or Australia, like through settlement and through scientific and extension projects, just like it was assisted by the government in Argentina less than in Canada or Australia? 2) Did exclusively agricultural...
  9. mansamusa

    The New World and the Agricultural Revolution.

    The Discovery of the New World , by European explorers eventually led to the introduction of very important crops in Europe, Africa and Asia, for either production or consumption. Two prominent examples being maize and cassava. What were the implications of this for world agriculture and human...
  10. Z

    Agricultural PODs

    So, I've been combing through here, and I don't see very many agricultural PODs in here. Is this just not an area of interest, or is this something that we on here just leave to the main Alternate History forum?
  11. H

    When did nomadic tribes no longer pose a threat to agricultural civilization

    It seems to me that nomadic tribes are always a threat to settled, agricultural civilization throughout the age in Europe, East Asia and elsewhere. From the Huns to Mongols, once-powerful great civilizations like Rome and Song China were ruined by so-called "barbaric" nomads. As late as 15th...
  12. Frank81

    Agricultural productivity in the ancient world

    Fascinating thread right guys :wacko: :laugh: Hackneyedscribe, me and other people have been talking about this in other thread and I think such matter should be discussed in a proper thread. I'm not interested primarily in comparatives per se though sometimes is useful. This is what we...
  13. L

    The agricultural revolution and ancient Greek / Roman empire

    Hello, I know that the first humans started off with rocks, and later with bronze tools and then with iron tools which became a more "democratic" resource because people could more easily find iron than bronze. But how did the agricultural revolution effect the democracy in the ancient Greek...

    American agricultural products

    Potatoes. Derivates: French fries, potato vodka, potato chips. First cultivation: Peru or Chiloe, Chile.