1. Darth Raidius

    Best fighter aircraft of early World War II?

    If you disagree with all given options, feel free to name your choice in a post. Please give some arguments why the aircraft you chose is the best. Only mass-produced fighters, not prototypes, are valid choices. "Early" means that the aircraft must have been in active service as of 1941.
  2. Pauke! Pauke!

    DARPA i.e. US Pentagon, wants ideas for flying aircraft carrier. Historical examples?

    Pentagon wants ideas for flying aircraft carrier - The Defense Advanced Research Products Agency has a request out for ideas on how to develop an airborne platform that could both launch and recover other aircraft. DARPA wants ideas on how to turn those aircraft currently in the...
  3. Nemowork

    Al-Qaeda attacks US aircraft carrier (sorta)

    Al-Qaeda India branch?s first attack ends in dismal failure as jihadists 'raid wrong ship' - Telegraph Its being presented as some sort of comedy operation which it but its slightly off. At the moment ISIS is the scary name in Islamic Jihadism and Al-Quaida wants to remind the world that...
  4. EmperorTigerstar

    Aircraft Carriers in the Air?

    Marvel movies such as the Avengers and Captain America 2 show SHIELD having military vehicles that are basically aircraft carriers but that float in the air and are a bit bigger. Do you see military vehicles like this possible in the near future?
  5. Naomasa298

    Aircraft manufacturers of WW2

    It occurred to me that most of the aircraft manufacturers of WW2 are no longer around, having been bought up and subsumed into larger companies. So I thought I'd make a list of all the ones I could think of and what has happened to them. Feel free to contribute! Britain: Armstrong...
  6. Earl_of_Rochester

    Rochester's Historic Aircraft Thread (pic heavy)

    I'll be using this thread to throw all my photos in, I have access to quite a range of aircraft right now, possibly the largest in the world, so if anyone has any close up or detail requests I'll see what I can do. Unfortunately I can't get inside them... But I'm hoping someone will leave a...
  7. Naomasa298

    India launches indigenous aircraft carrier

    With this, India joins the group of nations capable of building carriers: BBC News - Indian-built aircraft carrier INS Vikrant launched What do you reckon? At 37,500t, it's a medium sized carrier - possibly equivalent to the Charles de Gaulle?
  8. C

    BAC TSR2 (Tac/Strike/Recon) Aircraft

    The British Aircraft Corporation TSR-2 - Excellent Documentary - YouTube A documentary on the TSR 2...
  9. C

    Aircraft of Vietnam War-

    Technical discussions, missions and operations and well, just appreciation, anything you wish to discuss really, on Vietnam's air war and aircraft, or their operations before and after the war... Let's talk aircraft shop... F-100F Super Sabre Start-up and Departure - YouTube Here's a...
  10. Alexander The Greatest

    Future aircraft carriers?

    We are seeing that most current new build carriers are between 45,000 and 65,000 tons and can operation 40-50 aircraft. The US G.R.Ford class will be about 100,000 tons. The G.R.Ford isn't a great improvement on the Nimitz class in terms of operational capabilities. Have aircraft carriers got as...
  11. Earl_of_Rochester

    Were Soviet Cold War Aircraft as good as the West?

    According to Discovery Wings Red Star Wings the Mig 21 did a pretty good job against the F4 Phantom. Tho the mig29 was shot down by the F15 over Libya or somewhere in the 90s. I wonder how the Su27 and other aircraft would fare against modern NATO fighters? EoR
  12. K

    Gustave Whitehead - First man to fly a powered aircraft

    'The upcoming 100th anniversary edition of Jane's All the World Aircraft will credit Bridgeport's Gustave Whitehead as the first man to build an operational heavier-than-air aircraft, a move that for many will shatter the widely held view that the Wright brothers were the first to fly.'...
  13. Sultan44

    Last Aircraft shot down in WW2

    I've been inactive in this forum for months, so here is my contribution to it in my return. Last airplane shot down in WW2 - From Saburō Sakai's Last combat mission in the skies. _________________________________________________________________________________ The war was over on August...
  14. bartieboy

    Lack of innovation in aircraft

    Most of you probably all know about the giant leaps in aircraft technology, starting with the first flight by the wright brothers in 1903 to the widespread use of jet fighters and heavy bombers in a matter of about 40 years. But where is this innovation now? Allow me to elaborate this question...
  15. dagul

    Aircraft Carriers

    My favorite WW2 aircraft carrier is the Enterprise. It should have been sunk by three bombs from the three Japanese Zero planes that were able to directly hit the ship's runway during the battle of Guadalcanal, its great that there were two ship crews who fixed the damaged steering mechanism...
  16. bartieboy

    Does the USA NEED 10 aircraft carriers?

    So at this moment the USA is operating 10 massive aircraft carriers. But at the same time the USA has a debt of 14,642,129,000,000. This leads me to the question, do they really NEED these 10 expensive ships? couldn't they do the same with 5? or 6? Wouldn't this save a lot of money? Couldn't...
  17. tjadams

    Ten Military Aircraft that Never Made it Past the Test Phase

    Ten Military Aircraft that Never Made it Past the Test Phase By Andrea Leontiou, InnovationNewsDaily Staff 17 June 2011 10:34 AM E Ten Military Aircraft that Never Made it Past the Test Phase | InnovationNewsDaily
  18. Thessalonian

    China launches first aircraft carrier on maiden sea

    China launches first aircraft carrier on maiden sea | Reuters "China launched its first aircraft carrier for a maiden run on Wednesday, a step likely to boost patriotic pride at home and jitters abroad about Beijing's naval ambitions." There is a first time for everything....:cool:
  19. Naomasa298

    China confirms aircraft carrier

    China has confirmed that it is refitting the ex-Ukrainian Varyag: BBC News - China aircraft carrier confirmed by general Construction is supposed to nearly be complete.
  20. K

    All-female team launches historic mission over Afghanistan

    3/31/2011 - BAGRAM AIRFIELD, Afghanistan (AFNS) A team of female Airmen made history here March 30 when the F-15E Strike Eagles of "Dudette 07" blazed down the runway to provide close air support for coalition and Afghan ground forces. The two-ship formation consisted of all females, two...