1. H

    The real history of Hindu Kush aka Hindu Slaugther

    Source: Kashmir Herald Francois Gautier The massacre of six million Jews by Hitler and the persecution they suffered all over the world in the last 15 centuries has been meticulously recorded after 1945 and has been enshrined not only in history books, but also in Holocaust museums, the most...
  2. D

    How Brutal of a Ruler was William I aka Willam the Conqueror?

    One could argue that his extreme actions (for example the Harrying of the North) were required for him to maintain control as a ruler and not lose the ungoverned realms but were they too evil? Another question of which I am not sure of the answer to, did William actually have much control over...
  3. oshron

    Sakabato, aka Reverse-Blade Sword

    hey, all. some of you may be familiar with the popular anime Rurouni Kenshin, a historical fiction series set in Meiji Japan following the repentant wandering samurai Kenshin Himura. said samurai was formerly an assassin for the Tokugawa regime using the alias Hitokiri Battousai the Manslayer...
  4. V

    Blond Christians from China aka Cumans

    This my text from another thread: We were told that Cumans were also Turkic. Kipchak Turks!- we often hear due Cuman-Kipchak confederation. Yet Cumans were blond hair, fair skin and blue eyes. Their ethnic origin is uncertain. Robert Wolff states that it is conjectured that ethnically the...
  5. CathareHeretic

    Simon Elliot, aka Al-Baghdadi, father and mother Jews and Mossad agent?

    Hoax? desinformation? reality? Game? i lets you decide he real name of Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi is "Simon Elliott" father and Jewish mother. The so-called "Elliot" was recruited by the Israeli Mossad in a year in which he was trained in espionage and in the field to conduct a destructive strategy...
  6. B

    Was Operation Chastise (aka Dambusters) successful?

    Did the dambusters achieve for what they did and how did it change the outcome of ww2?
  7. Danton

    The Black book aka Reign of Terror

    Any French Revolution enthusiasts watched this film: 1949 The Black book aka Reign of Terror - YouTube I found it really entertaining. The plot was interesting, the actors good (especially the gentleman playing Fouche), and we even have a scene where Saint-Just kicks a cat (what a...
  8. P

    Did T.E. Lawrence aka Lawrence of Arabia,really wanted to be an Arab?

    In the movie Lawrence of Arabia,there's a scene after Lawrence got captured and tortured in which he's disillusioned with fighting for the Arab cause.In fact right after he Ali states that a a man can be anything he wants to be, Lawrence then took out a clothe and pointed at his skin(which was...
  9. leakbrewergator

    For Naomasa (aka Uesugi Kenshin Thread)

    http://uesugi.dk/afhandl.pdf Enjoy! Also, if anyone would like to discuss anything related to Kenshin, I figured we could get it all done in this thread. (Hopefully, I can find time to be a bit more active than I have been recently.:o)
  10. halomanuk

    1873 Thames Torso Mystery (aka 'Battersea Mystery')

    This is from some research i did on the above case in my Victorian studies. I've come up with some very detailed articles regarding this case which I don't think have been posted before on here,so i've decided to start a thread dedicated specifically to the 1873 Thames Mystery. This murder is...
  11. sylla1

    Your favorite Classical quote on Nero or Caius (aka "Caligula")

    By "Classical", it is obviously implied Ancient Graeco-Latin sources. My personal first two choices are rather well-known: (C. Suetonius T.; Vita Caii, XX, I) (P.C. Tacitus; Historiae, I, IV). My guess is that neither of them requires any additional explanation ... :cool: Thanks in advance...
  12. old_abe

    The plague aka Black Death

    How big of an impact did the Black Death have on the history of Europe. I heard that it killed like 1/3 of Europes population. What caused this plague? Where did it come from? Do you think we will see another plague of this magnitude in the future?