1. PhantomSoldier

    El Alamein: The Love Story

    This short 3-minute videoclip depicts an unusual relationship that developed between two male officers from opposing armies during the Battle of El Alamein. gPn6yGZT8Co #althistory #altwnak #altalt
  2. F

    What if the Axis broke through the El Alamein Line in July 1942?

    What if the Axis military forces (Afrika Korps and Italian military forces) broke through the El Alamein Line (the last major Allied defensive line West of the Suez Canal) in July 1942? In an email reply to an email I sent to him (that partly considered the question asked), author James...
  3. W

    The story of the siege of Tobruk and the battle of El Alamein.

    I quote from the BBC Points of View an excellent review of an equally gifted Documentary on BBC 2 part 1 last night part 2 to follow which I thoroughly recommend and would be interested to read members of Historum reaction. BBC - Points Of View Messageboard - BBC Television - Desert War Posted...
  4. AlpinLuke

    El Alamein, The Line of Fire

    That battle has remained in the memory of Italians, despite any consideration about the side Italians were on. In 2002 Enzo Monteleone directed this dramatic movie showing the events and the personal stories of those days in Northern Africa. I do doubt that the movie had distributed out of...
  5. T

    October 23 -70th anniversary of el alamein

    October 23 2012 will mark the 70th anniversary of the Battle of El Alamein when the Eight Army under General Montgomery at last, turned the tide pemanently in the Western Desert against the Axis bogeyman Rommel. As Churchill said in the House of Commons while hailing the victory of Commonwelth...
  6. Edward

    First battle of Al Alamein, General C. Auchinleck and Purge of Near Est Command in Au

    During Rommel offensive in the spring 1942, and devastating battle of Gazela in May-June 1942 and failure to defend Tobruk , Gen N. Ritche , commander of the 8 Army was relived from command 25 June 1942 and General Claude Auchinleck , Commander in Chief of the near East theatre took control of...
  7. C

    Significance of the Battle of El Alamein

    Hello Everyone I'm doing a speech on the Battle of El Alamein and its signficance to the outcome of World War Two I am here looking for opinions and some historical sources to back it up.I currently have three snippets of historography from David Thomson, William S Shirer and Daivd Knowles...