1. D

    battle of fort Alamo

    Hello.This evening on french TV the famous film "fort Alamo" with John Wayne and Richard Widmark: The uniforms of the mexican infantry are:regiment blue,regiment red, regiment white and a regiment of milicians (white and stetson). For the cavalry,a regiment of dragoons (red) and a regiment of...
  2. C

    The myth of Remember the Alamo as fighting for freedom

    I grew up on the "Remember the Alamo" war cry. The so called heroes who died defending the Alamo in Mexican Texas land were either slave owners or supported slavery. It's ironic that these so called freedom fighters would actually be the enemies of the United States just a few years later during...
  3. Edratman

    The Alamo - Disney 1955 version

    While scanning through the TV guide I noticed that the 1955 Davy Crockett, Disney version, with Fess Parker and Buddy Ebsen, was on one of the very high numbered channels. I had to put it on and kind of watched it while doing other things. I remembered watching that series as a wee lad and...
  4. Baltis

    Newspaper Accounts of the Alamo

    I have a new toy. Book actually. It is The Alamo Reader, edited by Todd Hansen. The book includes 800 pages of eyewitness accounts to the battle of the Alamo. I am truly amazed with its contents. One section in particular caught my eye. Newspaper accounts from the day. Appropriately, the first...
  5. tjadams

    The Alamo; My Visit

    The wife and I went to San Antonio, Texas to see the famous William Travis letter. His letter written on 24 February 1836 and was a plea "To the People of Texas & All Americans in the World— Fellow Citizens & compatriots—" and he ended the letter with "Victory or Death". The letter was on...
  6. Recusant

    For Texans: A Chance to See the Travis Letter at the Alamo

    It's a fairly important document in Texas history, and this is the first time it's returned to the place from which it originated: The Travis Letter Returns!
  7. D

    Santa Anna Dies at Alamo

    One of the legends of the Alamo has it that David Crockett, during the siege prior to the final assault, takes a shot at Santa Anna, and in a supposedly rare instance, he misses. What if he does NOT miss, and that shot actually kills Santa Anna? Does that change the outcome of the battle? If...
  8. Virgil

    The Alamo

    How important are symbolic battles to the history of your people? In America, the Alamo stands out even though it was a skirmish by most standards. San Jacinto was the beginning and end of that war in a practical sense. Davy Crockett, Sam Bowie and William Barrett Travis, these men stand out...
  9. jegates

    The Alamo - 6 March 1836

    R.I.P. brave defenders! Remember the Alamo! Remember Goliad! The Alamo
  10. Patito de Hule

    Exploding the Alamo Myth EXODUS FROM THE ALAMO: The Anatomy of the Last Stand Myth (9781612000763): Phillip Tucker: Books@@AMEPARAM@@ A little light reading. For those not familiar with it ( :sick: ), the Alamo (meaning "cottonwood"...
  11. M

    Alamo Scouts

    Can't find out much on this unit . Apparently 6th Army Special Recon Unit under Lt General Krueger in World War ll. Believe that they were primarily used in the Philippines 1944 . Were they an early American Long Range Recon Patrol unit such as used in Vietnam ?
  12. jegates

    175 Years after the fall of The Alamo

    March 6 will be the 175th Anniversary of the fall of The Alamo. I've always been fascinated by it and although I don't live in Texas, I did visit the Alamo. It was sort of like walking on holy ground for me. It goes totally un-noticed in my area...a real shame. Is there a festival in San...
  13. Robert165

    Alamo - why couldn't Santa Ana march around it

    Why couldn't Santa Ana just march around it?
  14. T


    FLY BOYS World War I gave us the fly-boys Who flew by the seat of their pants. Many would never return from war While others survived by chance. Their planes were mostly canvas and wood Gasoline, bullets, bombs and poison gas. Every pilot carried his own pistol Wearing leathers, scarf and...
  15. T

    The Alamo

    Imagine you are a Texan, would you have fought at the Alamo knowing you were going to die? A man like Davy Crockett had a lot to live for. He was a highly regarded politician from Tennessee, and yet he stayed at the Alamo to fight. Would you have packed up and left or stayed to fight?