alexander the great

  1. Z

    How did Companion Cavalry fare in close quarter combat?

    Does their equipment make them vulnerable in CQC? They don't have shields to block and their long lance is no use in a cramped space and useless after their charge. They also have light linen armor called linothorax. Do they drop their lances and stick them to the ground and draw up their...
  2. VHS

    If Alexander the Great was more concerned about personal safety

    The untimely death of Alexander the Great was certainly related to his numerous injuries, and he sustained the most severe injury in India. Let's assume he was more concerned about personal safety and sustained almost no injuries, what might happen? Keep in mind that not necessarily the...
  3. MinecraftEsportsPro

    Is Alexander the Great actually as bad as some people say he is?

    The main criticisms that I hear some people have of Alexander the Great is that his Army was already trained by Philip and that the Persians had a very weak army and incompetent leader. Of course he had a great army, and I'm sure it helped, but I don't believe all the credit should go to the...
  4. H

    Shilling a podcast about the Hellenistic Era

    Hi there Historum, I have recently been working on a podcast entitled "The Hellenistic Age Podcast" for the last few months. As the name implies, its focus is about the historical time period in Eurasian history roughly between 323-31 B.C., which is not entirely true since I'm covering the life...
  5. T

    New Top 10 Channel Centered Around Military History

    Hello Everyone, I've made a new channel centered around military history. For example the video I posted earlier today was about Atilla the Hun a successful Hunic general who led many campaigns against the Romans. I find military history fascinating as it is a great way to study human behavior...
  6. NBSHistory

    Was Alexander as Great as they Say? (Controversial)

    A series I created on Alexander the Great. I in no way believe him to not have been "great" I simply was displaying the many overlooked flaws in his character. Received some backlash, but if you watched all three parts I believe I make a valid point! MJLL673d1-A I am unsure if it simply because...
  7. NBSHistory

    How "Great" was Alexander the Great?

    MOD EDIT: Video removed I have received a large amount of backlash for some of the things I brought up in this content and would love to hear more opinions on the matter. I don't deny he was Great in any way, only brought up flaws of his character and actions. For example his "temperament"...
  8. Bullit

    Why do we?

    Okay this question was prompted by a discussion we were having in another thread. When we talk of Alexander's invasion of the sub-continent we frame it as "India". This does not quite convey the truth. Alexander only conquered a tract of land along the Indus River in the extreme north west...
  9. P

    New podcast on Ancient Greece, Alexander the Great

    Hi everyone - I'm Patrick and I've spent the last couple of years studying ancient Greece and speaking to some of the world's leading experts. Just a few weeks ago I launched a podcast called The Achilles Gene - solving the mysteries of the ancient heroes. The first 3 episodes are already out...
  10. VHS

    Destructions and cruelty of Alexander the Great?

    While a strategic and tactical genius, Alexander might NOT have done much constructive. Due to the short lifespan and limited geographical range, Alexander's destructions were NOT as great as these of Genghis Khan and Timurlane. He had massacred communities as well. Should we treat him as...
  11. C

    Could Philip II of Macedon have conquered Persia?

    Could Philip have conquered Persia as Alexander did and do you think he could have kept the empire together if he had?
  12. B

    Alexander the Great

    Words attributed to the Macedonian king Alexander III of Macedon (356 –323 BC). http:/ If you have any Alexander quotes please post them below
  13. B

    Sayings of the Diadochi

    The sayings of the Diadochi or 'successors' of Alexander The Great. Figures such as Antipater, Ptolemy, Lysimachus and Antigonus the One-Eyed. By order of appearance: Antipater 0:00 Ptolemy I Soter 1:00 Lysimachus 1:28 Antigonus the One Eyed...
  14. G

    Term Paper Idea?

    So I'm not sure where to post this, but I was wondering if someone would have an idea for a history paper? The class covers ancient history to the middle ages. Since I have a love of the middle ages and ancient civilizations this is really hard! I'm thinking of: Alexander the Great The plague...
  15. S

    Cyprus In Ancient Times

    Hi all, My first post on here. I sought out these forums looking for an answer to this question I have as I could not find an answer online. Though since being here there are many topics that take my fancy so I think I might hang around :) My question is this. In the Hellenistic Period in...
  16. C

    spear-one territory

    Isn't this term used to describe kings who had no fixed territory, but are kings of any territory they conquer, such as Alexander the Great? But somehow I cannot find one single result on Google by searching spear-one territory. Did I get the term wrong? Can any one confirm? Thanks!
  17. S

    The Greek Empire of Marseille

    Where did the name Britain come from? Who gave Britain its name and the Greeks of the West? Pytheas the astronomer exploring the North Atlantic in the 320s B.C. discovered, measured, circumnavigated and named Britain...
  18. T

    Reading list

    Are there any recommendations for books concerning the following topics and historical figures? Cromwell in the civil war and ireland Stalins land reforms Scipio Africanus' campaigns Alexander the Great Roman invasion of Britain during Claudius' rule (have already read the Great Invasion) I...
  19. A

    Alexender defeated in india??

    Hello people Given a scenario where I would say that Porous would have defeated Alexander the great and since he was so impressed with the courage of Alexander , that he spared his life and let him and surrendered Macedonians to go back to Greece. How would you prove this scenario wrong . As...
  20. W

    Great leaders throughout the history!

    Hi so, i,ve been thinking about doing this thng for a while now. Basically what i,m gonna do is i,m gonna pick a random Leader, King, General or otherwise important guy in history. Write a few facts about him, along with some basic information about the guy. Then its basically up to you guys (...