1. JeanDukeofAlecon

    Why are byzantine coins after the mid 11th century less uniformly round?

    For a long time, byzantine coins were uniform in shape and high quality. They were quite consistently circular and flat with defined edges to prevent edge clipping, but this trend seems to have been broken during the reign of Constantine IX (reigned 1042-1055), where the coins take on a more...
  2. Kirialax

    The internet knows little about Alexios I Komnenos, it would seem

    Behold, look what Google reveals under the images category in my country! The first image is some artistic creation and the next two are both the mosaic of Alexios Komnenos, son of John II, something that fooled Penguin books for many years. We also get the John II mosaic, and the MS image of...
  3. RoyalHill1987

    You are Manuel I Komnenos

    It is April 8, 1143. You are Manuel I Komnenos. How will you save the Byzantine Empire? Will you turn east and attempt to recover Anatolia from the Turks, or will you turn west and attempt to recover Italy from the Normans? Or neither? I think I would concentrate on Anatolia first, starting...
  4. M

    What if Alexios I Komnenos had not turned back from his march to Antioch?

    While the Crusaders were besieged in June of 1098 in Antioch by the Seljuks, Roman Emperor Alexios I Komnenos was en route in order to help lift the siege. However, he met the deserting Crusader Stephen II of Blois on his way there and was convinced to turn back because Stephen said that the...
  5. Kirialax

    The oaths on the First Crusade

    When the crusaders reached Constantinople, the Byzantine Emperor Alexios I Komnenos extracted pledges from them, which apparently varied slightly from crusader to crusader (Bohemond and Raymond being the notable exceptions). Particular around the time of the siege of Antioch, the agreement broke...
  6. DreamWeaver

    Byzantine Frontier Policy c.1100

    I was just wondering in the Byzantinists on the foum could help me out here as I was kicking this round in my head and with others the other day. In the wake of the First Crusade, Alexios I reestablished control and authority over many regions of Annatolia, making use of the successes and...
  7. Belloc

    The Economic and Monetary Policy of the Byzantine Empire under Alexios I Komnenos