1. Futurist

    What did French opponents of Algerian independence envision for Algeria's future?

    What did French opponents of Algerian independence envision for Algeria's future? Specifically, what was their future vision for Algeria's Muslims? Did they intend for the existing status quo in Algeria to remain indefinitely? Or did they--or at least some of them--envision eventually granting...
  2. D

    slaughter of algerian workers ?

    Hello.Some journalists have writen that in 1961 some algerian workers of Paris were assassinated by french policemen at the end of a meeting for the FLN.They told that the bodies were projected in the Seine and have disappeared in the sea,and that in consequence it is impossible to know their...
  3. Y

    Algerian War

    Bonjour :) I am looking for answers ( maybe for a professional who will help my reserach ) 1) To whom the Pied Noirs sold the houses when leaving Algeria ? I presume that during 1959-1961 they sold their houses upon leaving but were afraid from the reaction of the community/OAS ,so they...
  4. C

    Algerian French war of 1954

    What would France give if Germany gave French full support during the Algerian War and how would it change history.
  5. F

    Origins of Algerian Nationalism in the 19th Century

    Hey there everyone, So, right now I'm in the midst of my first course covering the history of the Maghreb in detail, and we're just starting to break into the world of French colonialism. While we've got a while before we touch on the Algerian Revolution, I was curious about the roots of...
  6. G

    What if France won the Algerian War of Independence

    Would native Algerians be forced to leave the land and immigrate to other Maghrebi nations and would more French settlers take their place and form an ethnic French colony. Kind of like Qubec only better integrated due to better proximity with mainland France. I think France would have turned...
  7. Futurist

    Who Would You Have Supported in the Algerian War of Independence?

    As for me, the Algerians. After all, I am generally a supporter of decolonization, and as far as I know, most of the Algerian people wanted independence from France.
  8. PreColonialAfricaFTW

    LOL, Wikipedia really loved this old Algerian Tuareg man

    I was doing some reading on the tuareg and other berber peoples and couldn't help but notice that this guy appears in quite a few photos, 2 that I've found, and a few more that I've seen before.:laugh: I just thought it was funny, maybe he just liked posing for pictures. I notice he has a...
  9. larkin

    French Algerian War, 1954 to 1962

    During the second world war, the Germans and Italians and then The Brits and Americans went back and forth across Algerian soil but Algeria stayed in the hands of the Vichy Government. After the war, there was no colonial re-acquisition because in spite of the German occupation, Algeria...
  10. larkin

    The French Algerian War, 1954, 1962...What if?

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  11. WeisSaul

    Political Alignment of Algerian Factions

    Let's suppose that in 1954, a bill is passed in France that gives all Algerians, regardless of race or religion, equal rights and a representative electoral college. How would the various factions in Algeria vote? Around 9.5 million people lived there in 1962. There were 1.3 million settlers of...
  12. Rasputin1234

    Algerian Civil War

    Anyone here familiar with this conflict from the 1990's, which is still somewhat ongoing? Specifically, the rise of the Takfiri groups and the massacres they supposedly committed?