1. M

    Are Octopi Aliens?

    A fascinating article that raises more questions than it answers.
  2. O

    1851, space aliens take over USA

    Suppose space aliens take over the USA in 1851? They tell all the slaves each has two choices. If they complain about them they'll be sorry. One, they can be freed but sent to Africa in or near Liberia, and never allowed back. Two, the can remain as they are. What do you think most slaves...
  3. S

    How the Pyramids were built

    FtowGG5XpeA I do not begrudge anyone who does believe that Aliens built the Pyramids. I understand that view, they are Amazing! It does seem improbable that we built them, but we did. The fact that we did is the greatest thing of all about it. I enjoy Sneferu but are there any other cool...
  4. AlpinLuke

    Aliens attacked!

    [And I don't mean Mexicans] So ... all these threads about ancient aliens have made me think to a speculative scenario: aliens attacked the earth in the far past. Let's say in ancient Egyptian age. Obviously aliens would have conquered this planet. But ... to do what? This is the question...
  5. RomanEmperor

    Ancient Aliens: What if it were true?

    Has anyone ever asked themselves this question? I mean I am not sure, but there is a lot of potential evidence for it, and it's very possible that there is truth to this theory. It's crazy to think about. Purely objectively, do you think there's a chance there is truth to it?
  6. M

    If aliens live among us?

    Not very long ago i readed story called "lacerta files". Of course i don't belived it but still it makes me think about what if it's real or other aliens specie live with us in earth and even evolved here. The questions originated from this article was: in case of our and their civilization's...
  7. Antrim

    Aliens DID visit Earth: when?

    Just for the fun of it, let's say extraterrestrial beings visited Earth at some point in history (contact with humanity is not necessary). Based on that presumption (again, this is just a game), answer the following questions: -Why? -When? -What happened to them? Again, I'm not asking if you...
  8. H

    Aliens & the Ancient cultures

    I would really like it if you guys watch this presentation called Ancient Technology and let me know what you think. Ancient Technology (Part 1) - YouTube I was quite skeptical about this before but now I'm starting to consider other possibilities. I hold the contributors of this the site in...
  9. rysky

    The aliens?

    What is youre thoughts abaut aliens, does they exist and if it s so, does they affected oure ancient civilizations? There is interesting link but not in english language...:push:
  10. Belloc

    Ancient Aliens Debunked

    For those who need a thorough debunking of the "Ancient Aliens" hypothesis. Ancient Aliens Debunked - (full movie) HD - YouTube!
  11. Leo Stein

    Ancient Aliens

    Most people have seen the shows were they talk about ancient civilizations are from aliens. Now I can not say myself I agree with any of it. But I must say they have incredible points. How did certain civilizations do what they did. Some have done things we have just recently understood. Others...
  12. keirw


    Do you believe there is life outside our solar system? If so, do you believe that extra-terrestrials have visited Earth? There are alot theories about alien involvement in nearly everything in history, from the building of the pyramids to the rise of the Nazis and even in modern government...
  13. Zarin

    12 21 2012 is there a danger?

    12 21 2012 is considered to be a most propitious date towards the end of the year 2012. It is the date of the winter solstice and also happens to be a singular date when our solar system lines up with the center of the galaxy directly on the galactic plane. This only happens every 13,000 years...
  14. Robespierre

    Whent the aliens arrive...

    What will they do? What should we assume they will do? Will they kill us all? Make us slaves? Or will they better our society in someway (9G Internet).
  15. davu

    President Eisenhower had three secret meetings with aliens

    just keeps on giving ---- :cool: Eisenhower had three secret meetings with aliens, former pentagon consultant claims | Mail Online
  16. Jake10

    Might some nations assist aliens against us?

    Looking at the events of Cortez and his takeover, it makes me wonder if we could face the same dilemmas as the Aztecs. Imagine a more advanced civilization coming to earth but, due to the distance, bringing only limited troops and supplies. Then think of the nations that are angry at The US...
  17. Qymaen

    Do you believe in aliens?

    Do you believe in Aliens? I myself believe in Aliens, but unlike the nutj- err uninformed people out there I don't think that we have been visited by them yet. Do you think Aliens have already visited us? Do you think we have yet to discover them or they discover us? Do you think there is any...
  18. Nadir

    Nice and Genoa 1608- Aliens?

    Nice and Genoa 1608 On the evening of August 5th, 1608, three luminous craft were seen by the towns residents over Baie des Anges in Nice, France, The craft were long, oval in shape and flattened along their lengths, each with a "strange mast" on top of them. The bay waters began to frothe...
  19. Pirate of the Caribbean

    Ancient Aliens

    So let's say hypothetically, that Aliens did come to Earth during Biblical times and built many of the major structures today, and they also went to Mesoamerica during it's golden age. My question: Why? Why would they travel thousands of light years to stack up rocks like some child? Why not...
  20. R

    Aliens Welcome. I find this very interesting, has the common world now accepted the possibility of Extraterrestrials ?