1. M

    Advanced Allied Military Technology (Secret Weapons) in World War 2

    In World War 2 literature a lot of things were written , researched about superior German military technology or Secret Weapons like V-1 flying bombs , V-2 ballistic missiles , ME262 jet fighters and other jet engine propelled aircraft models , remote controlled tanks , hydrogen peroksite...
  2. R

    What explained the admiration of top Allied generals for their German counterparts?

    What explained the very benign attitude of a lot of high ranking Western allied generals and officers for their German counterparts after the end of the war like von Manstein, Kesselring, and Guderian? Even to the extent of coming to their defence in the war crimes trials after the war? Could...
  3. jameen

    If Allied forces launched Operation Barbarossa

    How will describe the US, Canada, and UK (you may include France) if they will invade the Soviet Union from Poland? How will you describe the Allied offensive with the use of tanks, planes and soldiers? (In a scenario that no nukes will be used)
  4. jameen

    WW2 Allied and Soviet forces clash

    Imagine if Allied and Soviet forces of World War 2 clash in a war w/o the use of nuclear bombs but only by means of using tanks, infantries, planes and naval assets. Who do you think will win in the end? Imagine for example if General Patton will fight the tanks of General Zhukov.
  5. Visigoth Panzer

    Russian Territorial Gains if Allied Victory in 1914/15

    If the allied powers won WW1 in 1914/15, what territorial gains would Russia have gained? Clearly they would have taken Galicia, possibly Carpathio-Ruthenia, Bukovina and the much desired Constantinople and the Dardanelles. If they did take Constantinople (Istanbul), how would they maintain...
  6. Lawnmowerman

    Nazi Propaganda movie becomes an Allied propaganda movie

    I just watched this short video on D-Day, it was originally published by the Nazi's but the allies were able to get their hands on it, translated it and showed it in the US and UK to show people back home what their soldiers were up against. pLJ-3T7K9rE I found it interesting that both sides...
  7. notgivenaway

    Could the Zulus have allied with the Boers against the British?

    Would a Zulu/Boer anti-British alliance have been feasible? What if Cetshwayo offered land to the Boers, in exchange for mutual help and sharing of arms? The British eventually defeated both, but sometimes the enemy of one's enemy is one's friend. They both hated each other, but the British...
  8. ez123

    Allied sincerity for Munich appeasement?

    I read that the Munich appeasement agreement in WW2 was mostly motivated by British awareness that they were not yet prepared to fight. If Hitler would have honored the Munich agreement would the Allies have simply fabricated a reason to attack Germany in a few years?
  9. P

    Allied liberation of rome-june 5 1944.

    JUNE 5 1944 saw U.S General Mark Clark's 5th Army liberate Rome after the Germans had withdrawn. Clark has retrospectively been accused by many British & Commonwealth historians of glory hunting in preference to the common weal for disobeying British General Alexander's orders to him to...
  10. Visigoth Panzer

    During WWII what allied power (aside from big 3) could have changed the outcome?

    Aside from America, Britain and the Soviet Union, what single allied power, if they surrendered/made peace with the axis, could have changed the outcome of the war. I would argue the only major contender would be China. If they surrendered/made peace with Japan it would have freed up millions...
  11. A

    Did Australia provide the majority of allied forces in the Pacific until late 1943?

    While there is no doubt that American forces proved the deciding factor in the Allies winning the war in the Pacific, I have read several times that more Australian land forces were in combat in the Pacific than American land forces all the way until late 1943. I know there was a huge build...
  12. G

    What if Napoleon allied with Russia to bisect Europe among themselves

    Would this have worked and could they have crushed the remaining powers in the region including mainly Prussia, Austria and Britain?
  13. warmoviebuff

    NOW SHOWING: Allied (2016)

    The third in our series of war movies for this month is “Allied” starring Brad Pitt and Marion Cotillard. They bring their star wattage to a WWII spy movie directed by Robert Zemeckis. This is Zemeckis’ first war movie. It was filmed mostly in London for $85 million. The screenplay was by...
  14. History Craft

    Importance of allied economic support for the USSR

    How important were the supplies received by the USSR from the USA? Was it something vital? How was the eastern front impacted by these supplies? Also, would the USSR have made it without them? And if yes, how difficult would it have been? I've seen some minimizing the allied help and others...
  15. L

    Did any Allied & Russians fight together during WW2

    I know the U.S. & Russians met at the River in East europe. But we're any involve in combat together? Did it happen at sea? When Russians picked up british sailors whose ships were sunk and had to fight against German u boats vessels and planes?!
  16. England Expects

    What were the main reasons for the Allied victory in the Great War?

    What factors would you regard as being the most important in defeating the Kaiser's Germany?
  17. SSDD

    Why Ethiopia did not join Allied war effort after being liberated in 1941 in WW2?

    When Ethiopia was freed from Italian rule in 1941 by British Empire forces, why Ethiopia did not join allied war effort? Specially when they were attacked and ruled by Italy. They could have sent an Ethiopian unit in North Africa but they did not. Why?
  18. G

    How different would be WW2 if Stalin Hitler allied

    What if Stalin joined Hitler in the Axis with the condition that they share the territories after the win. A kind of partition of Europe between themselves plus giving Stalin a share in the African pie and a share of northern China and Mongolia if he wanted it.
  19. G

    What if Stalin and Hitler allied together against US and UK

    What if Stalin and Hitler allied together against US and UK? Hitler agrees on giving Eastern Europe and Central Asia to Soviets provided Stalin gives support
  20. C

    Which Allied power did Nazi Germany have a better chance against solo?

    Which Allied power did Nazi Germany have a better chance against solo? Britain/US or the USSR? The USSR may or may not have Lend Lease. Who has a better chance of defeating Nazi Germany if Germany's entire resources were devoted to fighting them and them alone? The US and Britain or the USSR?