1. Darth Raidius

    The Allies declare war on the Soviet Union in 1939

    What if, when the Soviet Union invaded Poland on 17 September 1939, France and the United Kingdom declared war on the Soviet Union in their defense just as they did against Germany? How would the war progress differently with the Soviet Union and the western Allies on opposite sides? How long...
  2. N

    Allies Zaibatsu list

    It surprised me to see that Matsushita was listed by the Allies as a 'zaibatsu'. I thought the Allies targeted the 'four' (three of which are mentioned in the citation below). Does anyone have/know the list of all Japanese conglomerates targeted by the Allies?
  3. Futurist

    The Allies tell Germany to overthrow the Reds in Nov. 1918 if it wants peace

    What if the Entente/Allies would have made a German overthrow of the Bolsheviks in Russia a precondition to peace in October or November 1918? Basically, in this scenario, the Allies are going to be far-sighted enough to see that the Bolsheviks are going to be a huge pain in the ass for them...
  4. LionHeartIV

    Did Stalin lie to the allies?

    Q. Someone once suggested to me that Stalin lied to the allies during WW2, concerning the supposed deprivation of munitions and equipment, thereby triggering a reaction from Roosevelt and Churchill to agree to supply arms etc by ship via the Baltic. As a result of this deception, thousands of...
  5. tomar

    WW1: Germany allies with Russia

    Would not an alliance of Germany, Austria Hungary and Russia been in the best interest of these 3 empires ? Why did not Germany use the 1905 war between Russia and Japan when the support from France to Russia was minimal and Britain allied itself with Japan to do all it could to forge such an...
  6. Davetron the great

    What if the Western Allies bombed soviet oil feilds in 1940?

    Take a look at this video 9mj7biOwRks What are the implications of a Soviet-Axis alliance -The Empire of Japan had a dispute on Attacking the US or The Soviets for resources if The Soviet Union was forced into an alliance with the Axis would pearl Harbor be Necessary ? -And if they did How...
  7. PoochieMoo

    What is Switzerland Joined the Allies in WW2?

    The title is quite self explanatory. What if Switzerland joined the Allies in WW2? Would it really have made a huge difference? What about if they secretly invaded Germany's southern border without announcing their involvement in the war? Would that have even been possible, or would they have...
  8. notgivenaway

    The Allies break up in early 1945

    Hitler had a belief that if he could separate the Allies, by exploiting weaknesses amongst them in ideological and organisational terms. This was his rationale for the Battle of the Bulge, since it was intended to split the British/Canadian and American forces in Belgium. There were also...
  9. Futurist

    No Anglo-French guarantee to Poland; Hitler allies with Poland against the USSR

    What if Britain and France refused to give a guarantee to Poland (probably unlikely, but not impossible considering that they couldn't actually defend Poland without Soviet help) and thus Poland would have decided to ally with Hitler against the Soviet Union? For the record, in this TL, Poland...
  10. F

    Dominant powers relations to allies through history.

    I think I remember ancient Athens had some troubles with their allies, that (not without some reason) more and more began to think about athenians as arrogant bullies rather than true allies. And then Rome, that even had a war about their relations to their "partners". Could it be part of a...
  11. SSDD

    Should Allies have bypassed Italy in 1943?

    It seems Italy Invasion in 1943 did not benefit allies much. Italy being a mountainous country, Germans quickly fortified their positions and Italian campaign was slow and extremely costly. Now Italian Navy ceased to exist as a threat to Allied shipping in Mediterranean. But it could be also...
  12. WhatAnArtist

    Would Napoleon have been successful if the Allies had great commanders at the start?

    Say, for the sake of argument, the British still had Marlborough, the Austrians still had Eugene and the Prussians still had Frederick - all great commanders that matched Napoleon in their energy and determination and often thought outside the box (and all of whom had beaten the French in major...
  13. TrueHistory77

    Anglo-American Bias against the Italians during WW2

    I've heard and read that many popular WW2 history books were quite biased against the Italian war effort, even to the point of being quite dismissive and racist. For example, Anglo-American historians would high-light Allied successes while down-playing Italian ones, dismissing them as having...
  14. M

    German triumphs of 1939-42 : Superiorty of German Army or Weakness of Allies

    More I look to campaigns of German Armed Forces during first half of WWI more I began to think that German military strategy was based on short term victorious campsaigns with better tactics focused exploiting enemy weaknesses (which were many) However once their strategic plan derailed and...
  15. notgivenaway

    WWII UK vs. WWII France with no other allies involved

    Let's say the year is 1940, and instead of the joint Dunkirk evacuation, there is a war between the UK and France. This involves no real-life Allied or Axis allies. No USA, USSR, Germany, Japan, or Italy. It also includes the resources of both colonial empires, which may involve Canada...
  16. C

    Why did the Nazis prefer the Western Allies over the Soviets?

    In the European theater of WWII, the Nazis sent the bulk of their forces to the East for Operation Barbarossa; only a small percentage of the German military fought against the Western Allies (UK and USA). Hitler had also tried to bring peace between Germany and Britain, but those attempts kept...
  17. JoanOfArc007

    Did any allies fall for German leafeats dropped during WW2

    Anyone here know of any allied soldiers of WW2 who defected to the German side after reading the types of leaflets that the Germans dropped on allies? The Germans dropped leaflets on allies during WW2 as a means to try and show young Americans and Brits that the Germans were the good guys...
  18. D

    the allies of the japanese army (1931-1945)

    Hello.Has the japanese army organized special troops in the countries they occupied ? Thank you.
  19. notgivenaway

    Could the Allies have used contained Japan, instead of dropping Fat Man/Little Boy?

    If the Allies stationed troops in Korea, USSR, and China, and the US Navy, Royal Navy, Royal Australian Navy, etc. blockaded Japan, would this have been preferable? If Japan really was willing to fight to the last man, then the bombs should not dissuade that. Surely dying in a nuclear blast for...
  20. lodestar

    Did the UK & USA pursue an essentially ‘Italy & Vichy France First' policy from 1940?

    Did the UK & USA pursue an essentially ‘Italy & Vichy France First' policy from 1940? To what extent did the Western Allies pursue an essentially ‘Italy & Vichy France First’ policy from mid 1940-43? Firstly many thanks for the well considered and intelligent responses to my first...