1. Lawnmowerman

    Was Portugues neutrality the price the Allies paid for Spainish Neutrality in WWII

    The Anglo-Potugues treaty of 1373 is the oldest active treaty in the world. In 1939 Britain declared war on Germany, under the treaty Portugal was not required to declare war as well; however if Britain had requested their aid they would've been forced to declare war as well. I've heard it...
  2. notgivenaway

    Why did the Allies win WWI?

    Was it only because the Americans brought in more troops? But then surely this would have been matched by troops from the Eastern Front, especially after Russia went into revolution. Is the reason then similar to WWII, that the Allies had more resources, a bigger population, and were able to...
  3. notgivenaway

    Rommel defects to the Allies

    Say Rommel made a plan to get his family to visit him, but instead of opposing Hitler, he travelled to the nearest Allied army and surrendered himself. He is taken to the UK, where he offers all and any information to SHEAF, Gen. Eisenhower, Churchill, FDR, and Stalin, in exchange for the safe...
  4. TotalAaron

    Allies Knew about Holocaust before 1945

    New documents reveal Allies knew of Holocaust years before previously assumed - Diaspora - Jerusalem Post New story that has just surfaced suggests that the allied powers knew many details about the holocaust before the discovery of the death camps by allied soldiers. I cannot say i am...
  5. Haardrada

    English allies of Welsh armies 1181AD-1197AD

    Hi I'm looking for evidence of English Nobles who supported Welsh armies/revolts during this period of History?
  6. Maki

    Did the Allies in WW1 make a mistake by not invading Germany?

    The Treaty of Versailles caused an uproar in Germany and was seen as a national humiliation. But it was considered an even bigger humiliation because of the "stab in the back" myth that German Army wasn't defeated by the enemy, but by internal traitors. The fuel to this theory was the fact that...
  7. notgivenaway

    Lincoln and Britain - Civil War allies

    What if Lincoln and the UK were allies in the Civil War. If a combined force of US/British troops captured a slave state, say Arkansas and reinforced Missouri, which had slaves, would this ensure the CSA loses and keeps Britain's cotton supply steady? This would also include the Royal Navy...
  8. Porter Rockwell

    Did de Gaulle's Collosal Ego Undermine the Allies in WW2

    Reading de Gaulle's memoirs ... The cover features a phrase from the New York Times Book Review, "an invaluable guide to the mind and character of de Gaulle". That's exactly right. Nobody could make de Gaulle's megalomania as clear as de Gaulle himself. I take keyboard in hand today to quote...
  9. notgivenaway

    Which of the WWI Allies made the biggest contribution to victory?

    WWII was certainly a mix (American industrial capacity, British intelligence/code-breaking, Soviet manpower), but then was this true of WWI? The French had more troops overall on the Western Front, but then the British introduced tanks and made better gas than the Germans. Though the French had...
  10. notgivenaway

    Why didn't the WWI Allies open up a front in the Netherlands, using Dutch troops?

    With Dutch troops alongside British and French troops, this would have put more toll on the Germans.
  11. Karl XII

    Why didn't the Allies invade Denmark or northern Germany in 1944?

    I know France was obviously closer, but the Allies had already invaded Sicily and Southern Italy and that was much farther from Britain than Denmark would be. Denmark is extremely flat and much smaller in terms of land area to take over than France. Invading from the north would have allowed the...
  12. Joe Freeman

    Allies won, but Axis had the most and better flying aces

    I took a list of the 1000 biggest WW2 aces From this list, the first 121 pilots in the ranking were from the Luftwaffe. N° 122 in the ranking was from Finland, so it's still part of the Axis. The N° 156 was from Japan, still part of the Axis. The first Allied pilot comes in the rank N° 232...
  13. notgivenaway

    How many countries were part of the WWII Allies?

    Apart from the Big three/Commonwealth independent states, like Canada, South Africa, Australia and New Zealand and China? I know of Brazil and Mexico, but did Cuba participate? what was the status of Thailand?
  14. notgivenaway

    The Allies place less harsh Versailles terms.

    What if the only terms for Germany's "war culpability" were that it could only have an army of 100,000 and a navy always half of the Allies in total? It could still keep its colonies in Africa or the Pacific. Would the Weimar Republic have been as badly run, and could Hitler have still risen?
  15. grey fox

    WW1- who was right, the Allies or the Central Powers?

    That the Allies were (morally) right in World War 2 is incontestable. In World War 1, it has often seemed unclear to me which side was right, the Allies or the Central Powers. So, which side was (morally) right in World War 1, the Allies or the Central Powers? I mean, which side were the good...
  16. Baltis

    Indian Allies in the Revolution

    I have been reading a book lately called: The book is a fine read. However, in several places I cannot help but notice that the author shows...
  17. T

    "Soviet Jihad against Hitler": Muslims who fought with the Allies

    Here is a recent journal article about a "Soviet Jihad Against Hitler"-- It includes translations from speeches by Muslim leaders in the Soviet Union who calls for the world's Muslims to join together & wage jihad against the Nazis...
  18. JoanOfArc007

    Christian Allies of the Ottoman Empire

    The relationship between the Ottomans and the Christians did not evolve around continuous hostility and conflict, as is generally assumed. The Ottomans employed Christians extensively, used Western know-how and technology, and encouraged European merchants to trade in the Levant. On the...
  19. kdbooklover16

    Why were Burgundy and Flanders such natural English Allies?

    Why do you think Burgundy and Flanders were always looking to side with the English? Why do you think they were natural enemies of the French Crown? Was it just a list for power, strengthened by the proximity? Or something else?
  20. B

    Did the western allies really adopt a Europe first strategy

    Britain and the US agreed to this in December 1941, when Britain wanted it at a time when Germany was a threat to Britain. However, IMO both put at least as much effort into the war with Japan. The US was got into the war when Japan attacked it, and the US had more interests in Asia than...