1. K

    [Help!] Fully assembling the Norse runic alphabet (Futhark) in unicode

    I've always been interested in Scandinavian and Nordic history and found their runes beautiful and mysterious. I was then quite pleasantly surprised to find that all of the Norse runes from both the Younger and Elder Futharks were available in unicode! I thought I'd just transcribe them all so I...
  2. LatinoEuropa

    Country world alphabet with few letters

    What country is the world with the fewest alphabet letters Alphabet portugues has 23 letters - letters k. W. And. Not part of the Portuguese alphabet.
  3. R

    The Alphabet

    Hello Ladies and Gentlemen I am interested in confirming the following. 1 The Egyptians were the only civilised race in ancient times, that's before CE who had an alphabet. Three forms. Hieroglyphic, phonetic I and phonetic II. 2 The Romans and the Greeks did not have an alphabet in CE period...
  4. M

    The oldest alphabet? What do you think?

    Hey guys, I'm new in this forum. But I like ancient history and that's why i'm here to learn more and more about this. What do you think about this peace of symbols - Thanks, MAleksandrov
  5. Barbarossa

    Origin of the Runic Alphabet

    I would like to discuss the origins of the Runic alphabet used by the Germanic tribes of Europe and how it came to be. While it is established that Runic developed from an Italic script, how it made its way to northern Europe is still not understood to me. There are indications that...
  6. JeanDukeofAlecon

    Translation of Latin/Greek in Latin alphabet inscriptions on Byzantine coins?

    I was looking at some middle byzantine coins, and I noticed that, surprisingly, I could actually read the inscriptions on some of them. I got curious as to what these inscriptions said, but, as is often the case with byzantine artifacts, I could not find any substantial info on them. I tried...
  7. JM1906

    The history of Latin Alphabet

    Hello fellow Historum members, I'm studying this subject (the history of the Latin Alphabet, it's creations and the several writing styles with origin in the Latin Alphabet). I'm curious to know what people know about this, please write what you know/think about this subject, and search after...
  8. L

    Shouldn't Slav nations that still use Cyrillic alphabet change to the latin one?

    For any foreign language that they learn they automatically learn the latin alphabet. for instance, as a tourist, in bulgaria it's very hard to find directions based on their signs (so i heard).
  9. Sonrisa

    The Language of the Balkans: Where the Glagolitic alphabet stems from?

    While variants of the Cyrillic alphabet have been in use to write Slavic (and some Central Asian, non-Slavic) languages for more than a thousand years, there was another alphabet, so called Glagolitic (from Old Church Slavonic glagol meaning "word"), that was used side-by-side to Cyrillic in the...
  10. Perix

    Vlach language and vlach alphabet in Serbia

    Timoc press » Blog Archive » Fata în fata - RTS Severin.flv - YouTube This video, unfortunately in "vlach" language, disclosed serbian authorities intentions to create vlach language and alphabet(kirylic alphabet) Vlachs of Serbia - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Since is no way to...
  11. Barbarossa

    The Alphabet

    I've read in a book published in Israel called "A Brief History of Civilization" about a claim that all phonetic alphabets outside the Sinosphere are derived from Sumerian hieroglyphic cuneiform. Sumerian pictographic hieroglyphics developed around 3800-3500 BCE. In turn pre-dynastic Egypt...
  12. infestør

    Speed of a script (alphabet)

    once i've heard the rumor that japanese is faster to read and write, despite 3 writing systems interlocked. i guess the same goes for mandarin. the argument was that the symbols were more concentrated and top-down direction assisted the natural eye movement. what do you think about that? i...
  13. Geus

    Where did the alphabet come from?

    What I mean is how and when did we first put letters in an alphabetical order? Probably before the invention of dictionaries.
  14. Barbarossa

    The Cyrillic alphabet

    I just wanted to know why the Bulgarians invented a new alphabet and didn't adopt the Greek one? And also why other Orthodox Slavs adopted the Cyrillic and not the Greek?
  15. pixi666

    The Claudian Letters

    As you may be aware, the Roman emperor Claudius (r. 41-54 AD) was a scholar before he was proclaimed emperor by the Praetorians. He wrote volumes on Etruscan and Carthaginian history and an Etruscan dictionary (he is, incidentally, the last known person in history to have been able to speak...
  16. arras

    Origins of the Alphabet

    Egypt and Middle East. If I draw circle today and you draw it tomorrow, it is you who need to prove to invent circle on your own not me. Mesopotamia and Egypt developed culture before Greeks did. First of all, Egyptian hieroglyphs were alphabetical. You can translate individual Latin or Greek...
  17. Niki86

    The Phoenician alphabet

    Phoenician alphabet - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia I find it kind cute, it's a pity it's not used any longer. Also, I expected more similarities with the Greek one, which is supposed to be descended from it.
  18. L

    Did chinese created alphabet?

    Sexagenary cycle - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Each term in the sexagenary cycle consists of two Chinese characters, the first representing a term from a cycle of ten known as the Heavenly Stems (天干; tiāngān) and the second from a cycle of twelve known as the Earthly Branches (地支; dìzhī)...
  19. Thessalonian

    Origin of the Phoenician alphabet

    Now this is a big debate. It's about the origin of most modern alphabet, if you think about it. Did the Phoenicians really invent their own alphabet, or was it "borrowed"?
  20. Thessalonian

    Japanese "alphabet"

    How did it develop from Chinese and when? Are there any common/similar words in both Chinese and Japanese?