1. S

    Romans and ambition

    I have read that Romans (at least, Republic era) respected personal ambition, although there are examples of Romans strongly disapproving of those whose ambition was too strong or whose ambition was channeled in the wrong direction. I would like to understand this better. Can anyone recommend...
  2. S

    Opinions of Nathaniel Philbrick's 'Valiant Ambition'?

    I'm looking for opinions of Valiant Ambition and, specifically, about the author's objectivity. Thanks for any feedback.
  3. kdbooklover16

    The Hundred Years' War- one mans ambition of another man's antagonisms

    The traditional explanation for the Hundred Years' War has been Edward III of England trying to stake his claim to the French throne through his mother, Isabella of France. But I've been reading Edward III: the Perfect King by Ian Mortimer, a biography on the man (and a really great book) and he...
  4. G

    Why did Indian emperors not often show ambition to conquer whole of subcontinent

    Why did Indian emperors not show the same kind of ambition as Chinese ones to conquer the entire subcontinent? There were ofcourse a few cases like Chandragupta, Ashoka and Samudragupta (please lets consider only pre Islamic native Indian emperors for this). Why did they not look to conquer and...
  5. funakison

    To what extent was WW1 a war of territorial ambition

    Most conflicts prior to 20th were primarily about territory. Did WW1 follow this pattern.
  6. S

    Augustus Caesar compared to Hitler : Ambition and Integrity?

    So I was wondering if anyone could give me a hand with this. For my final school assignment, I need to talk about how Augustus Caesar and Hitler both possessed ambition, however, Augustus had integrity, while Hitler didn't. This is why Augustus succeeded, and Hitler failed. I'm really...
  7. jeroenrottgering

    Napoleonic wars: Ambition? or the fault of the British?

    I personally think it was because of the British because with almost every coalition the British were funding it and telling the powers of Europe to oppose Bonaparte. Some of his campaigns were his own intend but the majority was organized by the frightened coalition partners because they were...